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(HUN) Startupok és scale-up-ok nemzetközi piacra jutásával, go-to-market stratégiák kialakitásával és best practice-ek megismertetésével foglalkozunk konzultációkon, workshopok és hagyományos prezentációkon keresztül.

(EN) Our business is to promote startups and scaleups to international markets, develop go-to-market strategies as well as educate the market regarding best practices in each domain. The typical format of these interactions is consultations, workshops and regular presentations.

2018 tavaszától egy nemzetközi piacrajutási eseménysorozatot kezdtünk mely 5 modulból áll melyet 12 alkalommal mutatunk be ingyenesen az érdeklődő startupoknak, kezdő vállalkozásoknak. Az eseménysorozat célja hogy az induló vállalkozás/startup minél tájékozottabb és felkészültebb legyen a nemzetközi piacralépés előtt.

Az eseménysorozatról:
Az 5 modul a következő:

1. Helyzetfelmérés és felfedezhetőség (Online femérő URL: https://imrehild.typeform.com/to/yfBRMF )
2. Nemzetközi piacralépési módszerek (13 módszer, 20 példán keresztül)
3. Nemzetközi networking
4. Nemzetközi piackutatás
5. Piacralépési Platformok

Az 5 esemény nem logikai sorrendben van, nem feltétlenül kell 'végigmenni' mind az 5 eseményen a jelentkezőknek. A startup/vállalkozás helyzetének megfelelően, mindenki azt és annyit merít az eseményből, amit cége jelen helyzetben hasznosítani tud.

Minden további részletes információ a meghirdetett események (Event fül) alatt található.

Upcoming events (2)

Techstars in Budapest! Pitch event with Martin Olczyk, MD of Techstars Berlin

During the Global Traction training modules I often mentioned Techstars as one of the most successful startup accelerator programs today. I still believe that if you apply to accelerators, you should make sure you only apply to the best :) We are in luck - Martin Olczyk (https://www.linkedin.com/in/martinolczyk) Managing Director of Techstars Metro (Berlin) and Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) at Techstars Arcadis (Amsterdam) will be visiting Budapest! To make most of his time, we are putting together a pitch event for him. So, if you would like to try yourself in a pitch situation with a Techstars MD, NOW is the time. It is an invitation-only event, which means that only 10 startups will be selected by Martin to present. This is not a 'tryout for Techstars' - it is more like a test-run in front of the eyes of a Techstars selection committee member. If you are not selected, you will still have the opportunity to listen to other's pitches as audience member at the event, which is also beneficial. TO PRESENT submit your one-pager or short intro here: https://www.globaltraction.org/events Application deadline: Midnight, May 27, 2019. If you experience any technical difficulties just e-mail your one-pager to [masked] The top 3 teams will have the opportunity to have 1 on 1 session with Martin. NOTE: THERE WILL BE ANOTHER EVENT IN THE AFTERNOON: In the 2nd half of the day there will be another event with Martin, where he will hold a Techstars Info Session with detailed introduction of the accelerator network. It is a free, public event, however you have to register. Please note that Global Traction meetup group members have priority in case we run out of space. In this event you can learn what Techstars is about, where can an accelerator help the most and what good accelerators are looking for in a startup. Of course, there will be a Q+A session at the end of the event. To register to this event click here: https://www.meetup.com/Global-Traction/events/261651306/ LOCATION OF THE EVENT WILL BE ANNOUNCED AND SENT TO REGISTERED PARTIPANTS LATER.

Techstars Info Session with Managing Director Martin Olczyk (Berlin, Amsterdam)

As you all know, I am a fan of the Techstars acceleration philosophy, so I am especially pleased to host Martin Olczyk, Managing Director of Techstars Metro (Berlin) and Entrepreneur in Residence at Techstar Arcadis (Amsterdam). Martin will hold a comprehensive info session where he will detail all the important and relevant metrics about the success of Techstars. Of course, you will have a chance to ask all your 'pressing' questions about ways to work with the Techstars network. The event will be in Budapest. Exact location of the event will be sent to participants on May 25 at the latest. Please note that event is free of charge but registration is required. Seating is limited to 50 people. THERE IS A PITCH EVENT BEFORE THIS ONE: In case you missed the info: before the event there is an invitation only PITCH EVENT where you get to make a 5-minute pitch presentation to Martin. He will then give you valuable feedback on how to improve your presentation or how to move on to the next step in developing your startup. If interested in participating there, submit your one pager or intro material here: https://www.meetup.com/Global-Traction/events/261612438/

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