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Connect with other global professionals and business owners to discuss international trade with leading experts in the field. The Global Trade Virtual MeetUp provides an opportunity to convene, explore the impact Covid-19 is having on the global economy and the path forward as businesses around the world reopen and recover. Facilitated by the OSBDCN Global Trade Center (https://www.pcc.edu/climb/small-business/global/) Liaison and Trade Specialist David Kohl, in conjunction with trade partners and international trade experts, the Global Trade Virtual Meetup provides opportunities for networking, learning, sharing resources, and stories of navigating in uncharted and uncertain global environments. Sign up to the OSBDCN Global Trade Center newsletter (https://climb.pcc.edu/global-trade-management-newsletter) to learn more about upcoming programming and related opportunities.

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What can a freight forwarder do for me? How to select one?

Managing the movement of goods and services is a critical aspect of international trade. We will be discussing how freight forwarders assist small businesses with the details of logistics, and how best to choose what is right for your situation.

Can I claim “Made in America”?

Online event

With all that goes into manufacturing a product, it can be confusing to know when a product can be labeled as “Made in the USA”. Please join us for a discussion on the parameters of when a product can be labeled as “Made in the USA”, and be confident in your claims.

Using USPS for international shipping

Online event

The US Postal Service is a common resource for small businesses that ship internationally. Hear how USPS can assist your business in its global activity and learn how to optimize these services.

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Finding & understanding HTS, duty and tariffs

Online event

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