What we're about

We are a community that endorses mutual support and sisterhood. Women's empowerment is a topic that plays a role all over the world. It matters in NYC as much as in Kabul, it matters to female artists as much as for grassroots entrepreneurs and female CEOs in boardrooms.

At our meetups, you will hear about real-life success stories from various countries. What is more, you will learn concrete methods to foster your own development and that of women in your circles.


At Meetup we hold Brunches and Dinners. They fall under three categories:

• Powerful You: Building Resilience through Introspection

The Individual level is all about connecting to oneself to build resilience through self-reflection and introspection.

• Powerful Peer: Building Connectedness through Communication

The interpersonal level is all about connecting to another, a peer, to build connectedness through sharing and communication.

• Powerful Community: Building Solidarity through Collaboration

The societal level is all about connecting to one’s community to build solidarity and trust through collaboration.


Our gatherings are hosted with a unique method: The Philia Method! This communication method rests on the notion of a communication tool called “transformative listening”.

Come. Join us and see/feel for yourself how listening (and being listened to!) can really transform your life! :)


The global Women Empowerment Network is growing successively in many parts of the world.


The meet-ups are hosted by the Philia Project, a global women’s empowerment initiative.

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Women's Empowerment Brunch: Worldview Edition

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Women's Empowerment Brunch: Silence Edition

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