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Pick and choose your battles carefully. There are only 24 hours in a day. If something isn't worth your time, just say no

True friends will never question why you disappeared off the face of the earth. They will be there for you unconditionally.

If you are not willing to learn and take risk,noone can help you,

if you are determined to learn,noone can stop you.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

3. “You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.”

When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade. Then pour it for all your friends. Be optimistic. It spreads like wild fire.

The world may seem big and scary. But the older you get, the more you realize that everything is man-made. Nothing is set in stone. Don't stick with the status quo.

. Life is not easy. But having the right support group with you during your journey goes a long, long way.

Any entrepreneur can organise a meet to seek intellectual or financial help,for pitching your startup,incubation, strategy development and any other aspect of business that you would like to discuss. Businesses and entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs.Its not necessary to meet in person,i know you all would like to meet in personal but those who cant can meet us on SKYPE.We are currently working on it to make it available to viewers who cant manage to watch our meet at the preferred time.More details will be posted before the meetup.

My vision- to create multiple brands under one brand name and create the next multibillion dollar group just like virgin BUT WITHIN NEXT 10 years only.

About organiser- I am a person who take EXTREME RISKS and believe in making it BIG.I have failed manyatimes but i have always succeeded in taking my idea to a whole new level. I appreciate those who work and fail than those who dont take any risk at all.And i like those who make mistakes AND LEARN and have a capability to GROW IMPROVISE AND ADAPT to change or have the strategy to CHANGE THE GAME altogether.Whenever i do something,i make it big.

Be creative,be enthusiastic,and change the world.

My Aim- To be the next big global company which didnt started from one country and spread globally later,but rather a company that had startups in many countries and merged together later into a single brand.CHANGE THE GAME.

KNOW YOURSELF- pymetrics.com

People interested are requested to keep their pymetrics reports ready which will help me put the person at the right place and create a great workforce with which even employees of big tech giants like google would also like to work with. Privacy and confidentiality is my top priority.

People specialised at data analytics,financial mgmt,Architecture,risk management,quality management and six sigma,strategy development,Fraud management,HR,communication planning,International business management,,PR,marketing,website development and maintenance,tourism industry are my key requirements at present.

People who are interested and who dont fall under these professions can also join our group.Pl recommend the organiser some of the people you know who can fill up these positions.

3 modern ways of problem solving- go online,ask google,ask your query on blogs or buy a new software to streamline your tasks or automate the process or make your own product.

NDBMHC=Noida Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Hyderabad Chennai (Anyone from around the world can connect)

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