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Oneness Gathering
This is a wonderfully liberating and highly transformative event that will illuminate your soul and support the spiritual awakening of humanity. Each gathering begins with a skillfully guided meditation followed by an enlightening Q&A where you can ask me questions and receive on-the-spot guidance and inspiration. These gatherings are infused with brief but powerful periods of shaktipat, during which the oneness of everyone in attendance is magnified, creating a collective field of shared awareness that ripples out into the world. _______________________ IMPORTANT: ► Cost is $20 paid in advance. ► Space is limited. You must RSVP to attend. If you can't make it, please update your RSVP accordingly. ► Event starts at 2:00 PM. Please be on time. ► These gatherings take place at my grilled cheese restaurant Millwood Melt after closing time. Public Transit: Take any 88 South Leaside bus from St Clair Station. Get off at the corner of Millwood Road and Sutherland Drive. Make a right on Millwood. You'll see Millwood Melt across the street. _______________________ More about Transformational Gatherings The heart of these gatherings is what is known in India as Satsang. Satsang is a Sanskrit term that refers to a gathering where teachings are given by an awakened guru, and where people can ask questions and receive reliable guidance. What makes Satsang so unique and special is that the words of an enlightened teacher transmit awakening energy. Such teachings simultaneously contribute to the expansion of consciousness and the development of wisdom. Beyond using words to educate and enlighten, true spiritual masters are also able to transmit knowledge silently and telepathically, which is often assimilated by a person’s consciousness even if they are not aware of it in the moment. How to Prepare for Satsang If this is your first time, it helps to know what to expect and how to prepare. The following pointers contain the basics: 1. Come with an open heart and a curious mind. 2. Bring any sincere questions but leave any answers or agendas at home. 3. Be open to receiving an awakening transmission from me. 4. Prior to the event, practice being awareness itself. Try to become like a window. Follow these pointers and you'll be ready to drop into the enlightened state of being with the rest of us. Feedback from Attendees "Stephen's ability to transmit energy is quite a unique experience and creates a very calming and dynamic meditation. For me, one of the best parts of the evening is sitting in the silence that is created during and after the meditation. This is something to be experienced rather than described! I also appreciate having the opportunity to ask questions about meditation and spiritual practice. On the occasions when I don't want to come back from the meditation to put a question into words, (this happens quite often!), I have found the questions and the experiences of the other participants, together with Stephen's insights, quite illuminating." –Violet Dalton "A very special gathering. Stephen generated a palpable field of subtle energy that provided an introduction into some deep explorations of a larger reality. Stephen told us about "bringing down the light." This is something that most of us are unfamiliar with, but which nevertheless is a very real component in the esoteric domain." –John Noel Inglis "Another thoroughly engaging gathering. Stephen is SO the real deal. And his unique ability to break down complex concepts, thereby rendering them accessible, is why I keep on coming back. I feel as if I get a little more in touch with true nature each meeting. We enter into this deeper dimension through engaged discussion and contemplative silence, under the (as always) steady knowing guidance of Stephen." –Sue Deacon "Stephen's work is truly invaluable during these times of much needed change. He's grounded, wise and compassionate, which make him an amazing spiritual teacher. Yet, what sets him apart is that he's also fun-loving, and "current" so he can relate to and understand the issues that cause us suffering today. Thanks Stephen for making spirituality so accessible." –Suzanne Chapman

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Hello and welcome!

My name is Stephen D'Amico ( and I'm the founder and leader of this group, which has been running since 2007.

Currently, my focus is facilitating group explorations into the mysteries of being as a way to raise the consciousness of ourselves and the planet.

Engaging in social action and charity is another important part of the work we do.

We also celebrate life by doing fun things together like ecstatic dancing, watching spiritual movies, and attending interesting events as a group.

I'm also available for one-on-one sessions via Skype or in person. This is a great way to catalyze or stabilize your awakening. You can learn more here (

Here's a bit more about my background:

At age 22, I went through a profound spiritual transformation that culminated in a permanent realization of my true nature. Since then my life has been devoted to understanding the spiritual path from an evolutionary perspective, and helping others reconnect with their true nature in order to help bring about a global awakening in human consciousness. The main way I do this is through the direct transmission of the enlightened state of being, which connects others with their own true nature. This being-to-being transmission is a silent teaching.

When I do speak, what I teach does not come from any theory, belief system, or body of knowledge gathered from other sources. Different teachers and teachings have helped me to integrate my experiences and develop a better understanding of them. But what I share primarily comes from my own journey in life, both inner and outer.

Ultimately, all the information I impart is meant to connect people with the nondual realization that all the forms and forces in creation come from an eternal formless dimension, and that each of us, as an incarnated soul or individual consciousness, is a living embodiment of that formless substance in human form. And more broadly, that it is the divine destiny and evolutionary purpose of humanity to awaken spiritually and live from this level of enlightenment in a permanent way.

In the past, I've worked in the field of conflict resolution and restorative justice as a mediator, facilitator, trainer, and project leader for youth social action groups. I've also taught at both the elementary and high school levels, focusing on the special needs of students with learning disabilities. Currently, my wife and I run Millwood Melt (, a grilled cheese restaurant in Leaside, Toronto. I'm also the founder of this Meetup group GAIA (, which is dedicated to pushing the spiritual evolution of the planet forward.

A Brief History of My Life

My spiritual journey began in early infancy. Every night while falling asleep, a recurring metamorphosis of consciousness opened me up to luminous and nirvanic states of being. This continued throughout my childhood. A sequence of other mystical states of awareness and out-of-body experiences also occurred from a young age that helped maintain an almost uninterrupted connection to the formless dimension. The constant recognition of the source and substance of everyone and everything in existence was accompanied by the knowledge that the purpose of my life was to maintain and ultimately share this realization of oneness with others.

Upon entering adolescence, I deliberately chose to relinquish my access to this level of self-realization, knowing in advance that I would eventually rediscover and fully embody it once again in adulthood. After the decision was made at the start of adolescence to forget about the absolute truth, a series of significant experiences then followed that inspired the search to rediscover it once again.

This search eventually culminated in a direct encounter with the very source of existence, which completely transformed my life in early adulthood, marking a permanent shift in consciousness beyond ego. In the midst of this psychospiritual conversion, I received a calling to tell others about the ultimate nature of reality, which reminded me that it is my destiny to help seekers discover their true nature.

This spiritual transformation occurred in 1996, but I didn't discuss it with anyone until many years later, mainly because there was no clear language or context to describe it until then. The intervening years were dedicated to fully integrating my true nature. The first few years were spent stabilizing a transcendental level of self-realization, during which my consciousness hovered above my body. This was followed by several more years to complete a grounding phase, which involved getting re-embodied while staying connected to my higher self.

Meanwhile, this entire period was defined by the dual challenge of comprehending what had occurred and finding a way to communicate it clearly. In addition, a series of other unusual phenomena, supernatural incidents, and significant processes and realizations continued occurring, all of which had to be integrated and then understood conceptually so that these developments could be communicated, as well.

In 2006, shortly after I began offering teachings on the process of spiritual awakening and the evolutionary destiny of humanity, I underwent another transformation that led to the ability to channel divine energies down into the world, making them more accessible to others. During the process of developing this ability, I realized that it represented the highest function I could perform in life to help others awaken their true nature, as well as contribute to the collective awakening of humanity. Through this work, my goal is to keep liberating people and pushing the spiritual evolution of the planet forward.

Read the full story in my spiritual autobiography on sale here (

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