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WEBINAR - The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Community

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In the last 30 years the idea of community and community building has been under attack but recently there has been resurgence as people understand in times of turmoil and austerity self reliant communities are vital to the health of the nation. This resurgence has taken many forms.

This Webinar looks at one area of resurgence and charts the development of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), exploring its theoretical underpinning, which suggests that the decline of community and community capacity transpired alongside the growth of free markets and public service professionalisation.

We look at the consequences of this to citizens and communities and track the recent shifts back to mobilising community and its assets through ABCD.

Cormac Russel will present this webinar. Cormac set up Nurture Development in 1996 and is the organisation’s Managing Director. He has trained directly under Professor John McKnight, the co-founder of the ABCD approach. As well as being a faculty member of the ABCD Institute at Northwestern University in the United States, he is a Co-Director of ABCD Europe.

We are doing this webinar with Nurture Development who are ABCD specialists with more than 15 years of practical knowledge and experience in the implementation of ABCD and other strengths based approaches in Europe, Africa and North America. They are the only strategic partners of the ABCD Institute (founders of the ABCD approach) in Europe and work towards the proliferation of the approach across all communities.

Other partners that we will work with in these series of webinars are London Met University and their Community Development programme and a number of members of our collaborative network.

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