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Pamela McLean of Dadamac invites you to join in the annual celebration of "Dadamac Day" , where we appreciate another year of close UK-Africa relationships. It's the first time we've celebrated by webinar, and the second time we've celebrated with the help of GlobalNet 21. (Last year was with a special joint event at Hub Westminster - Changemakers GlobalNet21 and Africa: Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation) (

This year Vicky Clayton of 'Universities Together Empowering Development' and Tobias Eigen of 'Kabissa - Space for Change in Africa' will be joining me to share the stories of their organisations. Both, like Dadamac, have approaches that challenge traditional top-down ideas of how development is done.

Vicky Clayton is the Chairperson of Trustees of 'Universities Together Empowering Development' (also known as 'United'), a UK Registered charity, uniting and strengthening student social action around the world. United act as a focal point for volunteering activities on campus through setting up peer learning networks.

An important part of United's work is the collaboration on projects across borders, enabling inter-cultural learning and harnessing the great diversity of skills students can offer. United are now at 10 universities in Uganda, and have partnerships in the UK, and are setting up partnerships with universities in Mexico and the US. Vicky is interested in how people learn about other cultures and the role of friendship in revolutionising how development is done.

Tobias Eigen is the founder of Kabissa (which means completely in kiswahili). It is a volunteer-led non-governmental organization set up in 1999. Kabissa helps African civil society organizations to put Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to work for the benefit of their communities. It does this by providing an online platform where people and organizations working in Africa can showcase themselves and connect with each other for peer learning and information sharing.

Kabissa is an organisation I first came to appreciate back in 2002 when I was supporting Oke-Ogun Community Development Agenda 2000 Plus. Tobias enabled us to have a newsletter through Kabissa. I appreciated it not only for the fact that we were able to share our news, but because of the feeling it gave us that our little initiative was not completely alone any more but had new strength and identitiy through the recognition and support of Kabissa.

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