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Empowering Change through Collaboration:

This is the first of three webinars on the theme of ‘Empowering Change through Collaboration’, the theme of this year’s Social Media Week held in February and September. This webinar focuses on how young and senior citizens can collaborate with one another to positively transform society.

Recent years have seen the media comment on how shifts in morals and advances in technology have estranged people from different generations. Society’s elders are being left behind the advancing technology that the younger generation is fully embracing. Equally, younger people are missing out on vital wisdom won from hard lessons learnt by their elders. Can the younger generation upgrade the older one? Can the older generation help younger people tap into wisdom appropriate for their era? Two speakers explore the two sides of the intergenerational collaboration coin.

Claire Frost is an ‘Intergenerational Development Officer’ from Age UK, the national charity that empowers senior citizens. She recently has been involved in training young students to help older people harness modern technologies such as the Internet. Claire will discuss the challenges of young people training their elders as well as the opportunities both generations created through collaborating.

Alf Orjii is the Director of the youth-empowerment focussed social enterprise, Slenky.com. Slenky helps young people get a shot at working with their preferred commercial brands as well as prepare them for dream opportunities such as interviewing their living heroes. Slenky provides an online matching service that connects young people to their dream opportunities. Alf will discuss the journey he has had in achieving his own goals and how he has gone on to build a service to empower younger people by connecting them to companies behind popular brands as well as directly relate with people that they respect and aspire to be like.

This webinar will be chaired by Jazz Rasool, Global Net 21’s Learning Coordinator. He has recently been working with getting voluntary bodies that work with the young and ones that empower senior citizens to collaborate with one another so as to encourage collaboration between the generations.

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