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Global Network COOP is a financial community cooperative providing opportunities to people of all financial levels investing in deals they may not have previously considered or the capacity to do so. Join Us, All opportunities are risk-less to You, the participant, as GNC Community takes on 100% of the risk therefore guaranteeing the participants funds 130% of value with hard real estate assets and insurance bonds. Read be low to learn how we take on the risk and you benefit in full with monthly interest only payments, annual bonus payments and roralty.

GNC seeks the real estate, business, program, opportunities etc, evaluates for potential profits vs risk, upon proceeding completes all due diligence. Once secured GNC will invite its members to participate with earning interest rates starting at 6% to 10% increasing with the project and beyond with those offering equity positions. Again all opportunities are risk-less to the participants with guaranteed returns, share of profit, equity, royalty.

Opportunities will be uploaded for your review, to participate and for additional information please contact MarZia RiVera, call 239-540-4884, email

GNC invites you to be part of this Virtual Group for participants of all levels of experience and financial capacity. We welcome Members to inquire with us and each other to share their deals, inquire, learn, mentor and share your successes, Network. As a Virtual Club, feel free to post your questions, request, successes, experiences, etc. within this virtual round table from the comfort of your location 24/7.

Introduce yourself, Share the club with your friends and associates to join.

Virtual Discussion shall entail topics such as;
Creating wealth, Participating, Equity Position, Share of Profits, Royalty, Int. Earnings, Opportunities
Investing International with great success; Consumer Goods, Solar, Telecom, Pure Gold, Digital Currency, RE
Riskless investing backed by 130% of Value by Real Estate and insurance
Opportunities; Solar farm, Hotels, Resorts, ASK ABOUT FREE VACATIONS

Absentee Owner Business; Vacation Rentals buy and hold-VacaWay, Consumer Goods, Multi Family Rentals, Restaurants, Gold Jewelry etc. Sirt back relax and collect monthly checks.

Opportunities in Multi Family, Restaurants, Commercial Business, Gold, Telecom, Solar, Consumer Goods

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We have Opportunities that are literally Ground Breaking and Many With Proven Results. Join in ours….

Current Opportunities

YOU As A FUNDING SOURCE??? Are you planning to start a project? Saving to buy income producing Real Estate or fix and flip? Are you projecting to save over one or two years from now? Then Fund yourself with little upfront monthly savings and low interest rate on the loan. It's GENEOUS and risk-less. Savings deposit each month over one to two years to create the down payment funds and qualifying loan vehicle that will drive your dreams into fruition. No qualifying as you are proving ability to pay the loan by saving the down payment each month over a one to two year period. Great for Self Employed, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, etc. Ask questions, Inquire how this works. It's a Savings Platform, it's Insured Risk-less. Lower term interest rate when your project is ready to be funded, no application, no paperwork, financial approval needed. Flippers This one is screaming out YOUR NAME, utilize your equity to create your own funding for future deals.

PURCHASE ORDER FINANCING NOTES; I have been earning since 2015 using both cash and retirement funds now earning a stable income today and for my future and my families Trust Fund. Inquire on my success to see if this Absentee Owner Business Opportunity will works for you. double digit earnings starting at $25k.

24K 999.99 PURE Gold Solid, multiple opportunities to acquire it, own it, invest in it, wear it. Inquire. GNC Gold Cards OO7 Gold earning APR plus full value of your participation starting at $75 per gram. Gold Jewelry Manufacturing OO8 earning APR plus full value of your participation starting at $35K with Jewelry sales at $100 per gram, buy yours today. Gold Funding 5.0 Participate in the continuous purchase of Pure Halmark Gold at 20% off spot limited positions available starting at $20k per spot, qualifying of $500 per month, terms

Telecom Ever desired to be a part of a cellular data company? Here is a great opportunity with low entry position and great return rate, starting at $55K with quarterly returns. Inquire for the details.

SOLAR Be a part of renewable energy with minimum entry position secured and risk-less, monthly I/O earnings.

Charity Foundation Join in with us to help others by simply DONATING JUST ONE TIME to provide the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, year after year from compounding earnings of your original donation. Please Inquire, it feels good and is the right thing to do.

Join in to virtually Network, Share, Learn, Meet New Friends.

Looking forward to meeting you
Global Network COOP

We strongly believe and back it up with secured risk-less platforms, No One should ever need to litigate for their monies. We are the only ones whereas the success or failure of a project will not deem the fate of your monies or your returns, guarenteed.

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