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Global XR Talks
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Live sessions at CET 18u30 / PST 9u30

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CET 18u30-19u
PST 9u30-10u
Opening doors and virtual drinks (30min)
Take your time to get ready and see who is also attending the session.

CET 19u-19u50
PST 10u-10u50
XR Session - Mixed Reality, Next Gen Productivity and SharePoint Spaces - 40 min
Microsoft is betting big on Mixed Reality! Hololens, AltSpaceVR and now SharePoint spaces. Windows 10 was the first OS to support Mixed reality and now Office supports 3D models and 360 video. How does all this add up? In this session we’ll explore advances in VR and Mixed Reality and Productivity and discuss real world scenarios today and tomorrow.
Speaker: Joel Oleson, Microsoft MVP & RD

CET 20u-20u50
PST 11u-11u50
XR Session - Lessons Learned creating a multiplatform AI project for Azure Kinect and Hololens 2 - 40 min
It all started with a 10000 kms conversation between 2 friends about how easy is to port Mixed Reality projects between platforms. So, we choose Azure Kinect and Hololens 2 as the platforms to test this out. To make this more challenging, we also decided to place custom holograms in those different platforms based on some cool Image Recognition scenarios (custom Artificial Intelligence rocks!) During this session we will review how to use MRTK, Azure Kinect SDK, Computer Vision, and other cool technologies to make this happen. And, of course, be aware that this session is full of code, hardware and demos, do not expect a lot of slides. Let’s code / build this.
Speakers: Ivana Tilca & Bruno Capuano, Both Microsoft MVP

CET 20u50 - 22u
PST 11u50-13u
Virtual socialize (60min)
Socialize in the Global XR Community zone in AltSpaceVR

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