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New to San Diego? Or just want to discuss great books with like-minded friends? The concept is simple. We’re a global book club for likeminded women to discuss great books! All members of the book club read the same book over the same period; members then meet up in their respective cities at the end of each month to discuss the book and exchange views. This forum provides a rare, and relaxed atmosphere for women to meet other like-minded women over a glass of wine and share a common passion. 
Check out our home site to find out more about how we are taking over the world - one book at a time! 
Welcome - we are so thrilled you have chosen to join us - not only are we a global community of like-minded women but we strive to provide the following services:

Bring women Together: The Gloss operates all over the world, the largest book club of its kind. Our number one goal is uniting women to find others who share their passion for good books (and sometimes good wine!). The monthly book club in your city is the perfect opportunity to make new friends and explore new ideas and conversations.

Set the Agenda: We read what's hot before it's the talk of the town - by working with the big (and little) publishing houses The Gloss is abreast of all new releases before they become top sellers and is excited to be delivering these titles to its members. Your friends will be asking you what they should read!

Start A Global Conversation: Through our online social channels and website, the book club attracts members from a global audience. But we all read the same book at the same time which provides the perfect backdrop for cross cultural conversation. Our members in Hong Kong may have a different reading experience to our members in Vancouver - and it's our goal to be able to provide a forum for these types of discussions.

We hope you'll check us out on our home site www.theglossbookclub.com

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October's Girly Book Club at 7 PM

13022 Caminito Del Rocio

September SD Girly Bookclub Discussion

13022 Caminito Del Rocio

June SD Girly Bookclub - Ask Again, Yes

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