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Sunday Afternoon Present Awareness Living Workshop
This session is for those that have attended an initial introduction to Mind Calm. A small group gathering, to meditate and chill together, whilst examining ways we can develop a life enriched by present awareness living. Each week we will look at a specific topic and I will deliver a short talk and lead a discussion on the theme. How much you wish to contribute is entirely up to you and the sessions are always conducted in a warm and friendly manner. The venue also has a very serene outlook, lending itself well for a peaceful experience. Numbers are always restricted to maintain a calm and relaxed atmosphere. We will have plenty of time to meditate together, developing our practice and reeping the benefits of shared energy. We will end the session with a chat, over a cup of tea and biscuits, just a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Cotswold House

Dog, Lane, Witcombe · Gloucester, GL3 4UG


What we're about

C.A.L.M. stands for Conscious Awareness Life Meditation anf If you are seeking a way to live a calmer, peaceful and more content life, then let Mind Calm open that doorway. If you have struggled with a mind that fills your day of constant chatter and thought patterns, that you try to escape from, then the battle is over. Mind Calm Meditation was created by Sandy Newbigging, as a modern meditation technique that is so easy to practice, anywhere and everywhere, with life changing benifits. Including, helping you to worry less, sleep better, improve your relationships,live more in the present moment and feel more calm, confident and content.

Introductory sessions are held every other Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evenings, they are for those totally new to meditation as well as those who may be looking to expand their practice.

As you develop your meditation practice, you will come to learn that Present Awareness Living is the key to a more enriched and fulfilled life. Sessions are held every other Sunday with this goal being our focus. Having experienced the massive impact it has had on my own health, well-being and happiness , I'm passionate to aid others on this journey.

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