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What we’re about

Welcome to Glyfada Toastmasters. The only Greek Toastmasters club to receive the prestigious 2019 “Super10” award for achieving excellence along all measured metrics.
We will help you develop the skills and confidence to express yourself effectively in English in any business situation and overcome your public speaking anxiety by exchanging constructive feedback and becoming a better listener, speaker and leader.
How does it work?
Practice, practice, practice... with peers: a Toastmasters meeting is a learn-by-doing workshop where you can hone your speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure environment.
A supportive group of peers: there is no instructor in a Toastmasters meeting. Instead, members evaluate one another’s presentations. There are only people like you helping each other improve their skills through practice in a friendly, fun and supportive environment.
Develop a bunch of supporting skills: Meeting participants give impromptu talks on assigned topics, conduct meetings and develop skills like timekeeping and parliamentary procedure.
Set goals with the help of a mentor and achieve them by taking up meeting roles, specific projects or management roles to develop leadership.
A proven methodology: Members learn communication skills by working with Toastmasters Pathways methodology proven with 345,000 members in 15,900 clubs around the world! Pick and choose your personalised series of self-paced assignments designed to instill an excellent foundation of public speaking and leadership.
You want to develop your self-confidence and personal growth?
Come and take part in our next club meeting as a guest, totally FREE. As a guest you can attend three meetings before deciding whether or not to join. Should you wish to become a member the cost is €65 for 6 months with a one-off €20 registration fee.