Go1.16 goodness & filesystem adventures

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Let's talk about some fun go1.16 features, and then take a deep dive ...

1. Release highlights:
* Changes in Modules & related tooling.
* Exiting cleanly and easily - NotifyContext.
* MacOS ARM64 (M1) support.
* Deprecating ioutil, and some other deprecations.
* Embedding files.

2. Break for chat. Bring your feels and highlights.

3. Then, a deep dive into the new interface `io/fs.FS`
* What it is, how to use it.
* How it's different from afero.
* What the design teaches us about Go, and also about filesystems.
* We'll walk through a couple of smallish packages [which I wrote], which implement fs.FS.

This is fully online via zoom. In the meantime you'll have the chance to try out the features and form some opinions.

Special thanks to GoBridge for the zoom account :heart-eyes-gopher:

This is our first event for a while ... a quick reminder that this is an equal opportunities event, we ask everyone to read and adhere to the Go code of conduct: https://golang.org/conduct