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Go Action Fun Time is a role-playing game recreating Saturday morning (or now late-late) action/adventure science-fantasy cartoon shows – only the kind you would actually want to watch.

Teen-age superheroes from across time and space have been thrown together as a team (in theory) to compete in a reality game show produced by chaotic and perhaps insane gods. These heroes now travel randomly through time, pursuing strange and crazy challenges given to them by the Producers, and perhaps righting wrongs along the way.

This is a game of my own design, and while I have play-tested it extensively at various game nights and conventions, I am at the point where I need to examine how characters develop over the course of several episodes. So I need a few consistent play-testers.

All episodes in Go Action Fun Time are stand-aloe. so I don't need you here every session, but I would prefer people who can show up more often than not. I have access to plenty of flakes without paying Meet-up.

Do not worry about NDA's or the like - I cannot be bothered with that. I do like honest feedback though. And if you are looking to be part of a game system from the ground floor up - have I got a deal for you.

Games will take place in my west-central Phoenix residence unless we find someplace better. It is a house. There will be cats. I will pay for pizza. You are on your own for beverages - or if you somehow do not like pizza.

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