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- Mingling
- A word from Cloudinary (5min)
- Always Be Closing, Or Stay Up For 3 Days Debugging Production Issue by Vladimir Shteinman
- Infrastructure testing using Golang and Kubernetes by Ran Tavory

About Vlad's talk:
If you used Golang's standard http client you must know that the client must close the response body when finished with it, you might also know what happens when you don't do so.
Usually, this problem is easy to spot, but we were unfortunate to learn that it's not always the case.
We'll walk through net/http internals to better understand why response body must be closed, learn some necessary tweaks for apps that use http calls heavily and monitoring that is required if you don't want to stay up for 3 days debugging production.

Ran's Talk:

Infrastructure testing using Golang and Kubernetes by Ran Tavory
We show how Golang and Kubernetes are used to test infrastructure. At AppsFlyer Ran works on multi-region implementation of the data stack. At the backbone AppsFlyer relies heavily on Kafka and so we tested how is it possible to replicate Kafka topics across different datacenters.
In this project Ran created a specialized high throughput Kafka producer and consumer in Golang and automated deployment and replication of multiple Kafka clusters across multiple datacenters encompassing continents and oceans using Kubernetes. (https://github.com/AppsFlyer/kafka-mirror-tester)
In this presentation Ran will present the project, challenges and conclusions.