What we're about

This is the group to join if you are interested in the Go programming language (aka Golang) and you live in Malmö or close enough. We are just starting out, but the plan is to gather Go developers for interesting discussions and knowledge sharing related to the programming language we all love.

If you are passionate or curios about Go, join this group now and we'll let you know when it's time for you to connect with other fellow Go enthusiasts in the Malmö/Øresund area!

Group image credit: Ashley McNamara, https://github.com/ashleymcnamara/gophers
Based on original artwork from Renee French.

Past events (5)

Go 10th Anniversary!

The Green Lion

After Work at Green Lion

The Green Lion

Concurrency in Go

Foo Cafe

Coverage Cravings - How to test effectively in Go


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