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Board Game and Language Exchange Night
(English below) 哈囉, 這個活動是由 #Topshelfgamesco 主辦的桌遊之夜, TOP SHELF GAMES是一個由美國桌遊設計師所開設的桌遊公司, 致力推廣大眾桌遊的樂趣~~^^ 他們的活動通常都是由''老闆''用英文與中文帶講解, 而參加的人也是聯合國喔~~歡迎對''桌遊''或是''語言交換'' 或''交朋友''有興趣的人一起來參加活動吧!! 另外, 當天中央公園也陪你們一起玩到 23:00喔~~ 活動費用: 每人低消飲料 $150元起 (不另外收場地或其他費用) 活動流程: 19:30-20:00 先吃飯,點杯啤酒暖身醒腦 20:00-23:00 桌遊開始,快選好你想玩的遊戲 Hey guys. Not sure what to do during the weekdays? Come join us for an event at Central Park cafe. Central park is a cozy FRIENDS themed coffee shop that does it absolutely right. If you're a fan of the TV you can't miss this one. Who wouldn't want to game on the set of FRIENDS?! We'll be bringing some of our casual games over to play, enjoy a few beers, and mingle. Cost: 150 bar minimum charge ( Drink only, food is not included.) If you have any requests for games feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to bring them! Also we encourage others to bring and share your own games. 19:30~20:00 Have a beer/coffee and warm up 20:00~23:00 Game time

Central Park Cafe

No. 3, Alley 240, Section 3, Roosevelt Road · Taipei

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