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Love the problem, not your solution and stop building things that nobody wants!

Reading is great, watching is better but doing is where progress is really made!

We've spent the last 16 years combined reading, watching and learning about applying Lean principles to our business ideas.

In that time we found that the real progress was made when we started doing.

Doing can be harder than it sounds because you have to overcome the "fear of the unknown" and get through that uncomfortable feeling you get that plays in the back of your mind. You know the one, it sounds like this "Don't do it, don't do it the sky will fall if you do!".

Well, we also found was that with the help of a few friends getting over that fear is a lot easier and having someone to go to be held accountable to really helps.

That's why we set up the GoLean Workshop, to help you make the progress you need to take the next steps to applying Lean to on your business development journey.

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Learn by "Playing Lean"

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The GOLEAN Process Overview and Lean Canvas review

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The LEAN Mindset

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