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Men's Team Meeting - Some Friends, Some Self Improvement
Are you interested in personal growth and helping other men grow? Are you interested in more men as friends and the kind of support only men can offer? Do you want a few guys to hang out with and have fun? Momentum Men's Organization does all of this through men's teams -- a small group of guys, usually 5-8, that meet weekly. The men become your friends. You have some fun and laughs. The discussions are often a bit deeper and of more substance than you might find in more casual friendships. In short, we're friends who support each other with the type of camaraderie that is unique to men. Many men who are on a men's team say it's made a big difference in their lives. It could make a difference in your life, too. RSVP to visit a local team. Note: We are currently only accepting one new visitor per month, so please do reach out by messaging if you want to attend one of our meetings so we can secure your space and give you the meeting details. See photos from past events on our Facebook page: (

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Interested in having more friends? Interested in activities with other men? Interested in being a better man? This is what we do!

Momentum is a place where men can experience close friendship, camaraderie, fun, and activities — along with personal growth to help us be better men.

What do we mean by personal growth? We provide a space for men to talk about what’s really going on for them, and practice ways of being effective in life (such as: being connected, setting goals, and keeping one’s word).

We are not affiliated with any religion. We welcome men of any race. While most members are straight, some are gay, and we welcome them too.

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