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Lake Merritt Run, Walk, Run/Walk with Go WOW Team
Wednesday night format returns to Lake Merritt. The current plan is to use Lake Merritt for a fitness walk or tempo run. The Lake Merritt workouts will be led by Go WOW Volunteers. We will use this opportunity to improve our mid-distance fitness and speed while also increasing strength and flexibility through dynamic warm-ups and resistance training. All abilities are encouraged to participate, from fast runners to fitness walkers (and all levels in-between!). Want to be a faster runner? Want to run a mile without stopping? Want to qualify for the Boston Marathon or try an ultra marathon? Go WOW can help you get there! Directions: Here is the WOW Team link to El Embarcadero at Lake Merritt. Click or click Please RSVP whether you are a subscribing member or a drop-in. This will help us get a head count. We hope our Wednesday night workouts give you a chance to meet the wonderful WOW Women and then, become a member of this amazing group. Your annual dues of $59 covers the cost of the Meetup Calendar and the liability insurance to cover our volunteers. Here is the paypal link to join today! Dues paying members have access to workouts, throughout the Bay Area, almost every day of the week. Some workouts are professionally coached and others are led by club volunteers. More information on joining? Click on For Lake Merritt meet at El Embarcadero Plaza, near the steps, across from Lakeside Library. First timers? Please RSVP (you don't have to pay) and show up, ready to move! P.S. Rain or shine we rarely cancel. This is going to be fun! Here is a sample workout: Everyone warm up together. Walkers - Walking in the opposite direction of the runners you and your walking leader, will be walking for fitness, at a good clip but not running. When you meet the fastest runners coming from the opposite direction you will turn around and return to the start. This allows us to all finish about the same time and keep the social part of the workout in full connection. Run/Walk 1:1 - Start with 1 minute of running HARD followed by one minute of recovery walking. Do this all the way around the lake. Stretch! Run/Walk 4:1 - Start with 4 minutes of running HARD followed by one minute recovery walking. Do this all the way around the lake. Stretch! Straight running: Working on a target pace and intermediate runners with a base: - Run the lake at your 10K pace (from chart). Pace yourself from the get go and make the entire circuit a push. This is what tempo runs are about! Not too far but quite fast (10K race pace fast). Even if you plan to run/walk your upcoming 10K race or half marathon race, if you have a good base this practice run should be continuous running. Not sure? Post a question here or on Facebook and we'll respond. Want to learn more? Go to our website at Go WOW Living ( or Contact use at [masked] Join long term at Go WOW Team for full benefits and fun - Join us! ( Join us soon! Your annual dues of $59 covers the cost of the Meetup Calendar and the liability insurance to cover our volunteers. Here is the paypal link to join today! Post your questions on our facebook site at Activate Your WOW!!

Lake Merritt Columns across from Lakeview Library

550 El Embarcadero · Oakland, CA

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Go WOW Team! (

Meet weekdays and weekends to walk or run 3 miles or more at various locations throughout the Bay Area. Our group is social but fitness and a healthy lifestyle are integral parts of the program. With professional coaching and sports nutrition on hand, you will be supported and can go as far as you want with your own healthy lifestyle. Minimum requirement is that you can move for 60 minutes already. The pace doesn't matter.

Some of us walk for fitness. Some of us mix walking/running. Some of us are pretty serious runners and are training to improve our times. Most of us participate in a race once in a while. We encourage you to compete in a few races every year and help you train. Setting goals and following through makes a big difference in sticking with a fitness plan however, racing is not a requirement to join us.

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Members include:

Recreational Runners and Runner/Walkers:10-15 min/mile sometimes compete. You are competing with yourself to improve your fitness, lose weight, and race to stay focused. Many comment on the stress relief from their busy lives, too. We have many women who are in this category.

Walkers Who Walk for Fitness: "I can walk forever but would like to get more fit". Does this describe you? Want to maintain or improve general fitness? Maybe lose some weight? Maybe walk a marathon? You don't have to be fast but you need to have the stamina to be on your feet for 60 minutes. Worth a try? Welcome to Go WOW!

Goal Driven Runners: Join Coach Stephanie and learn race strategy and how to get FAST! Coach Stephanie has qualified for the Boston Marathon, competes regularly and often places first, second, or third in her age division. Are you truly into racing, and placing well in your age division or striving to qualify for a goal like The Boston Marathon?We'll teach you the tricks and take the time to get you trained right!

All ages, all abilities welcome. Go WOW is a club that offers workouts every week of the year. Several workouts a week throughout the Bay Area including SF, Oakland, Berkeley, the Peninsula, Alameda, Walnut Creek and more. Come on out! Drop-ins are always welcome.

The WOW Team was founded by certified trainer, nutrition consultant and running coach Stephanie Atwood. We offer club memberships or drop-in workouts.

If you live too far away to participate and would like to add additional workouts in your neighborhood, please contact Coach Stephanie. The WOW Team long range mission is to offer neighborhood workouts with local leaders throughout the USA and eventually, the entire globe.

"When we're moving we're getting fit. Where we stop, nobody knows! The sky's the limit!"

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You are now on the Go WOW Meetup site. Please RSVP here for workouts. For long term membership go to our website listed above for your free consultation and more information on how to join. For drop-ins, before you become a regular member, pay directly on this meetup site. And remember, your first week of workouts is always FREE!

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