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Does it ever seem like you blink and a day, week, or month has gone by? And, we didn't hit our goal or even get started? Planning for our goals and making the time to make them happen is how we get there.

I do an in-depth goal planning session each year myself (I must admit - I geek out on it a little bit!) and this year, there was some interest in joining me and doing that as a group. I can walk us through the approach I use and then you can use it or adapt for your own needs.

This is a hands on workshop for each of us to map out our goals and plan how we're going to get there...just with other supportive ladies and a glass of wine or two!

Each month, we'll do a monthly check-in and review what we each accomplished the prior month, challenges & opportunities (and how we can help each other get there), then discuss & plan the coming month.

This group is different than other groups in the following ways:

• we allow ourselves "me" time once a month to work on our goals, deciding exactly how we're going to get there

• we have accountability by going to a group and saying out loud that we're going to accomplish something, then wanting to come back the next month and share how we did (someone described it as "weight watchers" for goal planning)

• we empower one another as it's a very uplifting, supportive, encouraging environment

• we help one another achieve our goals - as we're talking about our goals, one will say "I need x, y, or z to achieve my goal...does anyone know someone, can help with that, etc."

• we have a guest speaker - someone who is crushing their goals and inspiring us to be all we can be

• it's fun! It's a girls night out with a glass of wine or two!

You'll have to check it out for yourself and see what you think!

Be sure to bring a notebook/journal and calendar for 2019. Use whatever tools you like. I recommend a 12-month calendar, month at-a-glance, with a notes column on the side of the calendar page. I use the blank note pages for my overall goal planning, and then the 12 calendar pages to plan out how I'm going to achieve those goals. (This year I'm using BlueSky item #111153 which is 8x10).

Hope you can join us! Together we can plan our goals to make them a reality, as well as empower and support one another to achieve them...which is what Goal Driven Women is all about!

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