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GOAL Friends for Women Entrepreneurs
(Make It Happen)

This Group is for Women Entrepreneurs who have taken a leap of Faith and are Pursuing their Dreams! Being an Entrepreneur may look easy to those on the outside, but I'll let you in on a secret. It can actually be really hard, stressful and exhausting. they may struggle with:

1. Creating GOALS & Achieving Goals
2 Self-motivation
3. Avoiding Distractions
4. Staying focused on the task
5. Getting & Staying Organized
6. Being discouraged after setbacks
7. Having Likeminded relationships/mentors
8. Multi-Tasking
9. Financial Limitations
10. Being able to Trust the Process
11. Having to let go of People, Places & Things that interfere with your progress.
12. and more...

If you like most New Business Owners you struggle with all the above at some point in time. Having a Dream is one thing, but doing the work to make it come true, is another. Although your dream can't happen without you, it also cannot make it happen Alone. Many times it's the loneliness of the process that causes depression, anxiety, and most people to give up! You don't have to be one of them. That's what this group was created for.

Join this Group NOW! Hang out with other Women, like yourself, that have chosen to Live -" Out of The Box", Pursue their dreams and Live a Meaningful Life, doing what they Love.

I am also a Being an Entrepreneur, I need you all too, so let’s do it together. There is power in numbers.

Tinah Marie
Author, Speaker, Coach

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