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A Goal-Getter lets nothing stand in between her and her vision.

Are you ready to have a DIVERSE group of friends that ENCOURAGES and INSPIRES you to be your best self?!

As we all have experienced, it is a bit difficult to get acquainted with others that share similar work ethic which makes it that much harder to hold accountability for your own personal goals. Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, said in his book that “Your will power is *not* stronger than your environment”. With that said, this group will serve as a source of support to encourage one another. Whether it is daily goals like eating healthy or long term objectives like taking your business to the next level, we want to hold each other accountable. This ideology rests on love, support and building confidence within each other and leaving judgement and unhelpful criticism behind. Critique and feedback only go to those members that seek it.

To create this environment, the first Saturday of each month will be a meeting for us to share and discuss our achievements, and possible setbacks, in regards to our goals. We will also consistently host meetups to bond with each other and enrich each member's life through brunches, dinners, nights out, group workout sessions, workshops, seminars, conference calls, group discussion, and so on. While the first meetings sounds like a lot of business, we will typically have a fun activity planned to follow, as well.

Just come to bond with new ambitious friends and have fun!💛

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