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This Group is for anyone who is up to accomplishing a BIG GOAL with velocity and power!

Group participants will create 30 and 60-day challenges in an area that inspires them – whether it's around their business, their health/weight-loss, creating a DIY project (or finishing one), writing a book, throwing a party or any goal you can imagine.

To accomplish the goal, you will be teamed up with 2-3 other participants to support each other and hold each other accountable for their goals. You will create a daily action that gets you closer to your goal and a daily habit that will support what you are up to in your life – then check-in (electronically) each day on your results.

To keep you motivated, you will pick a reward for completing your goal and a consequence for not completing your goal.

Along the way, you will be supported with one-on-one coaching and weekly group video conference calls. You will be trained in goal setting and goal tracking in a way that will give you the ability to create and accomplish new goals in every area of your life!

Challenges will be scheduled to begin on the first Monday of the month and last for 30 days. (You can sign up for two back-to-back challenges for a bigger project.)

Acceptance into a 30-day challenge will be by application and interview. Along the way, we will offer seminars, discussions, and fun activities for every member of the group!

If you are ready to conquer your world and achieve goals you never thought possible, this group is for you!

Note: This meetup has been created as a testing ground for a new Goals, Actions and Accountability Program that will be offered to the public for $500. As a charter member, you will have an opportunity to receive significant (up top 75% off) scholarships for the program - Please ask!!!

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