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If you are seeking like-minded women in your community to support the life of your dreams, connect with the power of GoalFriends. In your own backyard, there are brilliant, talented women, just like you, looking for a place to gather and impact each other. GoalFriends is a global personal development program dedicated to inspiring women to achieve their goals through our workbook to increase their impact and live deeply fulfilling lives. GoalFriends is the transformative tribe you’ve been waiting for!

GoalFriends groups meet monthly and generally consist of 6-12 women per group. They're self-facilitated, guided by our goal-setting workbook. Your GoalFriends group (transformative tribe) serves as a mini-mastermind or personal "think tank"​ for new ideas and opportunities. GoalFriends encourages women to connect authentically in an open, safe environment.

Here's a sample of our monthly topics:

-Dare to Dream Big! -Every. Goal. Matters. -Give it Goalocity! Take Action. -The Confidence Factor.-Passions! The Fuel That Drives You. -What Are You Resisting?-Recognizing Your Strengths.-What You Focus On...Magnifies! -Turn your harshest critic into your biggest fan: YOU-Living With Your Inner Roommate.-Gratitude and Giving. -Celebrate Your Accomplishments. -My ONE Word For This Year and Next.

GoalFriends is not reserved for exclusive groups or leadership summits. It is for anyone and everyone. All you need is our $49 workbook. There's no additional cost. Whether you are just getting your life started, climbing the corporate ladder, re-entering the workplace, or starting a new business - GoalFriends is a place to make it happen.

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GoalFriends Goal-Mingle: Informal Info Session

La Farm Bakery

GoalFriends Goal-Mingle: Informal Info Session

Panera Bread (Market at Colonnade Center)

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