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This group is not only for Entrepreneurs, but for EVERYONE who is interested in Goal Setting, Motivation and Personal Development.

Have you ever set an achievable goal (e.g. loose weight) but could not stay motivated long enough to achieve it? Have you ever started doing something you really loved to do (e.g. write a book) but did not follow through because you "could not find the time"? Have you ever done something successfully in a group (e.g. a Yoga practice) that you could not do on your own?

You are not alone!

This group is a safe and supportive environment for people who seek inspiration and motivation in achieving their goals and to live the life they want.

In the meetings you will be introduced to scientifically proven methods and principles of motivation and goal setting. After you have defined a goal the group will offer to support you to take the necessary steps and to keep you on track. Every progress will be acknowledged and your success celebrated once you have achieved a particular goal.

Whether you set goals for relationships, career, health, fitness or personal development is completely up to you. Achieving small goals initially will boost your confidence and encourage you to approach more challenging life goals. Step by step you embark on a journey to self-actualisation, success and happiness.

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