What we're about

Goals Achievement = Goals Setting + Sticking to Goals

Identifying goals is the easy part, but sticking to goals is the place where we face challenge. This meetup helps you build your muscle in in Sticking to goals.

* What your Meetup Group is about.

In this meetup group we have meeting of like minded people who are interested in achieving there aims/ambitions/aspiration/ and also provide help and support for other to achieve it. We carry out monthly review at the meetup. Monthly Review means reviewing your monthly progress at both your work and personal life. You can find a buddy who can listen to your weekly progress.

Host of this meetup is a trainer himself he conduct training in 'Goal setting and Followup' and his program helps his participants to achieve their your goals step by step.

* Who should join.

1. Anyone who wants accomplish their persona goals.

2. People who have and spread inspiration and motivation to achieve their goals.

3. Those who needs support and mentor in good times and bad times.

4. If you want to do Weekly Review, and possibly wants a buddy to listen.

* What members can expect of the group, and what you expect of them in the meetup.

1. A round of Introduction.

2. Declare or announce your top 3 goals.

3. Suggest areas of life you would like to review.

4. Carry out review, by showing the progress through measurement and reporting.

5. Discuss share learning, new insights and observations.

6. Set target for next weeks goal.

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Monthly Review - for your Goals


Monthly Review - for your Goals


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