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What we're about

Are you wondering how your life of faith can jive with the "real world"?

Do you find aspects of the Bible hard to believe and feel torn because of what "science says" or what "reality says"?

As you study the Word with us, you will see that God is a God of science, logic, and reason!

In the famous words of Albert Einstein,

“Science without religion is crippled, religion without science is blind.”

This Bible lecture series is for

-Those who are *not* fixed in their perspectives, but are open to logic and reason

-Those with a genuine desire to know the Word of God properly

Other details:

-We are non-denominational.

-We mainly use the NIV, but you may use whichever version of the Bible you’re accustomed to.

-Each study is about 30min-1hr long and conducted in small groups of usually 2 or 3.

-Location is typically in or near New West and the meeting times vary, depending on everyone's availability and schedules.

*If your focus is on meeting a potential spouse rather than meeting God, then this group is not suitable for you.

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