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"You are the heroine of your own life story!" ~author unknown

TOGETHER WE CAN!!! "Women supporting and empowering each other to be the best that we can be, reach the potential that we were meant to reach, and to live the best life that we deserve to live!"

Award Recipient for Excellence in Women's Empowerment & Life Building Skills (2015)



My POWER Muse is for women who are seeking "pro-active and positive solutions" for building communication, postive thinking, happiness, self-confidence, goal-setting, and empowerment, with other women, in a fun, positive (warm/supportive), and non-judgmental environment, so that we can learn, grow and empower ourselves, and each other, in order to nurture the dynamic women that we are!! The group is comprised of both introverted and extroverted women ... artists, techies, moms, professionals, etc. Many of the women are experiencing life and career transitioning. We all share the common bond: Continuing our life journey on the right path to experience the happiest life!

This is a group where "each woman can take pride in being her true/authentic self." The best part? We have fun!!!!

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My Goddess Muse: Fun, Friendships, Workshops for Shy Gals


We have fun, foster new friendships and enjoy this wonderful city by hosting: movie nights, visiting Harbourfront, The ROM, AGO, cultural events, pub and trivia nights, etc. There are also speakers series, personal stylist presentations, "brain storming" sessions (for women job searching and/or making a career change), etc.

There is the opportunity to attend "mini-workshops" or "full" workshops (small groups) focusing on women's empowerment skills (life, career, relationships). This is my "Pro Bono" group ... an off-shoot of my regular workshops provided for the legal, policing and academic communities. Below is an outline on those:

• Do you feel that you are "stuck" in your life and/or want to set AND achieve new goals, "tweak" your own motivation level, build "focus and direction", find your "true" authentic self, and bring more happiness into your life? Are you working through your "bucket list" or "goals list" and could use that "extra" push?

• Conquer the "social mask" ... that "holds you back" and feel comfortable and "authentic" in all social situations, by building on your assertiveness and self-confidence ... eliminate "self-doubt"

• Master your general communication "confidence", work on shyness, anxiety, low self-esteem, self-doubt, etc.. Did you know that 80% of the population has a "fear" of public speaking? Maybe yours has held you back in a career or at school? Did you know that there are many "extroverts" who attend the workshops because they too struggle with communication issues? There are actors, law students, corporate women ... to name a few.

• Empower yourself through the stories, experiences, and support of other great women who are on the same life journey as you to betterment and self-growth! Create a stronger "core" of resiliency, determination, motivation, positive thinking, and positive "self-talk", in order to achieve goals and a happier life. No longer be a "queen" of lists, lists and more lists!! :)

~ I am so grateful for the wonderful "thank-you" letters that I receive from women who have "overcome, conquered, and excelled" in all of these areas. I'm so proud that they credit my leadership skills (My POWER Muse) for providing the ability, skills, support, and foundation that pointed them in the right direction, so that they achieved many of their goals, dreams, and happiness!! --Thank-you ladies! :)

PLEASE NOTE: Non-judgemental (positive) attitude towards the other women is a must. A failure to do so and you will be removed from the membership. Meetup charges organizers $240 per year to create a group on this site. This is a "not for profit group." Any donations to assist me in running this group would be highly appreciated! (Of course completely optional and can be made at any of the meetups for the group) :)

** I am always available to answer questions that you may have and it is my pleasure to do so :)

Some "featured" comments from group members ... recent events (mini-workshops):


"I was inspired and grateful to meet some great people. Sue was an amazing host and did a great job ensuring that we felt comfortable and encouraged that we express ourselves" :)

Rhea F

"Awesome! All the ladies were so warm and welcoming and it was a very comfortable evening of sharing experiences and empowerment. Sue was an excellent host and was so well prepared!"


".There was such a sense of warmth, support, acceptance and understanding. Sue did a fantastic job and was definitely very prepared - I loved her ideas and activities - really fun and helpful."


"Thanks Sue, I had a wonderful time meeting a few new women and getting know to each of them. Great inspiring group discussion. You do a wonderful job!"


"Thank you! I am glad that I met you and other talented ladies. The group activity is my favourite. It is quite thought-provoking and it prompted me to re-evaluate myself as a worthy human being. As a side note, I think you are an amazing event organizer and you have a beautiful soul"


"This is a great group and Sue is a nice and great organizer! I really enjoyed this!"


"I wanted to echo the thanks to Sue- thank you. I had a wonderful time with everyone!"


"Great discussions as per usual… and helps to uplift and energize my spirit!"


“Hi Sue, Thank you very much for inviting me :) I really liked your workshop and I felt so good with the group. Thank you very much for your wonderful workshop."

"I can't say enough good things about the work that Sue puts into these events to make them a success! "


"It was really informative and inspiring- thank you Sue!"


"Thanks for another great event! You do such a great job planning. You're a lovely spirit, Sue!"

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