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We receive many messages about how women “should be” or what women “should do.” We may identify with specific care-taking roles such as mother, wife, or daughter, or we may choose a path of the independent, self-sufficient, goal-oriented woman. We may struggle with how to be both nurturing and independent, sensual and confident, feminine and strong. As we align with the Goddess archetypes that will best support our evolution, we learn how to reclaim our sensual, feminine strength and how to articulate our needs and preferences for healthy self-nourishment. Through a series of classes and events, we’ll explore several Goddess Archetypes, choose 1-2 we want to express more wholly in ourselves, and learn how our home environment can support us in enhancing both our self-nurturing and sensuality. As we claim our Goddess power, it supports our personal and spiritual growth toward self-healing and wholeness, and helps us create healthier and more fulfilling relationships. *Spirit* as defined in the Cambridge Dictionary:
-a state of mind or attitude
-the inner character of a person
-a particular way of thinking, feeling, and behaving
-the principle that a law, rule, etc. was created to make stronger, rather than the particular things it says you must or must not do

Upcoming events (1)

Goddess Gathering

Peak Place - Coffee Beer Wine

At this informal goddess gathering, we'll come together to meet one another and talk about our hopes and desires for the group. We'll also do a talk circle to share any specific challenges we are facing in our lives now, and how this group may be offer support as we navigate those challenges. This particular event will be free, but if you are able to support the venue by purchasing a beverage and/or food, that would be great! We'll gather in the community room in the back.

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