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A group dedicated to healing and empowering the Divine Feminine. Spiritual talks, circles, gatherings and workshops that include healing circles, ceremonies, Womb workshops, Cacao yoni freedom circles, Ancestral Mothers journeying meditation, Shamanic women's ceremonies, channeled Goddess teachings, In the Arms of Goddess Retreats, Luna Ceremonies, Online courses and much more.

These circles and events are safe, love-filled spaces for self exploration, expression, liberation and celebration. It is about finding your own truth, walking your own path, learning to love yourself more fully by honouring your inner Goddess and shining your own light. Empowering the Divine Feminine energy that is so Key to the rebalancing of the World at this time. This group is about balance and Unity some of the events will be for women only but others events will be open to both men and women - for all people who want a safe, loving, respectful and empowering space to heal and grow in.

Katy is a channel, healer, light Worker and shamanic space holder.

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Becoming Overflow - A Chakra Alchemy Online Healing

Becoming Overflow -A Chakra Alchemy Online Healing 12th-24th April 2019 Starlight is so excited to be holding space for a 5d Chakra healing and re-manifesting journey into Divine Overflow. We have been guided to open this very special healing to another circle of people - because the ones in January and February were so powerful! As someone from the February journey said "it's like a wonderful colonic irrigation of the soul". Here is what Katy says: “I am so truly excited to have been opening this amazing journey up to the second circle of people. When this healing was called for the Eclipse window my guides told me very little about it - they said: “Overflow happens in the Present.” The journey unfolded and it was not like anything I have experienced before! I have witnessed many times the power of Alchemy for bringing up the roots of wounds for breakthroughs and transcendence but what was new to me was the levels of peace, bliss, and connection that people were experiencing at the end of each webinar. One participant of the Live journey said: “ I would say that this is the best feeling I have experienced as a human.” I agree, there were moments on this journey where I felt I reached New Vibrational Heights and a Bliss of Overflow that I have never experienced in this life before. It was this that made my heart fill with an understanding that this course should be done by more people- understanding what overflow actually feels like is the key way we can being to manifest it. I asked my guides if it could be done by people in the future and the reply was yes, but only in groups - the circle energy is important for the Alchemy Healing! They said that a timeline portal will be opened for the group to connect to the Eclipse Window energies that are needed for the process! They said for each person called the Alchemy and Energies would align around their Unique intentions, the recordings are simply activators and catalysts for the energy healing to happen. It is with so much Honour, Joy, and Reverence that I announce the Second Circle of this incredibly beautiful and powerful healing process.” https://www.starlight-meditation.com/becoming-overflow “This course went deep- so much healing and release. This was more intense and powerful than any other meditation retreats I have attended and I felt for the first time I truly engaged with my shadow aspects. Katy, Carmen and the tribe created a safe space for the witnessing which was so essential for this healing. I had initially been attracted to do this course in January but felt it may be too much. When the opportunity came again in February, I felt I had been given a second chance. And now there is an opportunity for others to do this. I would highly recommend this course- take the chance- it is worth it. “ Puja February 2019 The Becoming overflow journey will include: A Dreaming into Over Flow Initiation Webinar A Tuning in Vlog - to align the course with your personal desires, dreams, and intentions 7 Chakra Alchemy healings- that focus on releasing the blocks to living from a place of overflow held in each chakric layers consciousness 7 Nature Essence energy medicines - during the Alchemy Healings the Nature essence energy will be infused with your chakras to assist the crystalline integration A manifesting from Overflow Activation Webinar Integration A Sacred Sharing circle space - an online group to be witnessed, supported and guided through your healing process. In addition to the course that has already been recorded, there will be a timeline portal opening Vlog, a Mid-journey Live Questions Vlog and a closing the portal vlog. There will be one to one channeled feedback/ guidance from Katy and Rosie For the duration of the process, you will be held in the Alchemical, Goddess, temple and angel energies allowing for deep submersion, protection and magical alignment with all that you need to receive from this process.

Overflowing with light- A Starlight Ibiza Soul Journey

OVERFLOWING WITH LIGHT Ibiza - May 2019 Now taking bookings-this is the LAST starlight journey to ibiza as part of a 5 year light project. So this year we are doing things slightly different, as advised by Katys guides we are going to do this in a 5d way, we are going to take a deposit for Ibiza from anyone interested and book accommodation and transport around those numbers, rest assured we will book wonderful accommodation and as usual have Italys finest driver at the wheel of a suitable sized vehicle and ready to pick you up from the airport and take us all on, what has become the most wonderful, joyous and transformational journey working with the lands and sea of one of the most breath taking islands in the Mediterranean. The price will be £1222pp for the 10 day journey including accommodation, breakfast, all transport and 10 days of ceremony, self work, light work and portal journeying. The dates will be determined when numbers are confirmed but we are aiming for the 2nd week of may. ​ All deposits must reach us no later than the 22nd February and accommodation will be booked and confirmed by the end of February so people can book their flights etc. 'It is with immense joy and so much emotion that we announce the last of the Earth Star Portal project journeys to Ibiza! This will be the 5th and final journey of this project. All of the other journeys have gifted our lives beyond words, each one has been so different and filled with so much awakening, truth, magic, rebirth, healing, and miracles. This is the project that birthed our Soul Journeys, Dimensional Channeling, Crystal Grid work, Portal healing. Every journey we have come away upgraded, transformed, realigned and filled with new and ancient spiritual tools. It has flooded our memories with so much beauty, laughter, tribe-joy, and spiritual truth. Every year we have had the land and guides teach us more cosmically than the year before. We have witnessed so many incredible healings, breakthroughs transformations in ourselves and those that have been called and to announce the finale one* is to realize just how rare and special this light, earth self-work project has been: Tuning into this journey, all we can feel is a celebration. “This journey is one of so much celebration, a celebration of the Self - It is a journey of temple alchemy healing where tsunami waves of light will crash through your consciousness to clear cleanse and heal the shadow.” We have been guided to tell everyone interested to read this channeled message in order for them to tune in about if they are called to this journey: “This sacred soul journey is a call, it is a call that will speak to each person so that they can know if they are meant to be there. The dates of this journey will align depending on who is called for each person that chooses to be initiated into the Elements of light on this journey. Those who are called will find that all align. This is a journey that must begin from the heart, from freedom - just as this project began with the awakening to freedom journey. For you are free within your soul contracts and you are free to choose and so now in circle with you, we the guides and guardians of Starlight’s Ibiza Light Earth project speak to you : We say that this journey is a ceremonial light earth work adventure ... of transcending the shadows of the Piscean age. It is a journey where tsunami waves of light, will flood, cleanse and clear the shadow consciousness that is no longer of service to you. It is a journey of becoming intimate with Elements of light so that they infuse with the Elements of Earth inside your very essence so that you can flow more fully upon the current of soul purpose. So that you can Overflow with light! Shining your truth and destiny into the world. For more details and booking please visit: https://www.starlight-meditation.com/ibiza Booking closes 22nd February 2018.

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