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A group dedicated to healing and empowering the Divine Feminine. Spiritual talks, circles, gatherings and workshops that include healing circles, ceremonies, Womb workshops, Cacao yoni freedom circles, Ancestral Mothers journeying meditation, Shamanic women's ceremonies, channeled Goddess teachings, In the Arms of Goddess Retreats, Luna Ceremonies, Online courses and much more.

These circles and events are safe, love-filled spaces for self exploration, expression, liberation and celebration. It is about finding your own truth, walking your own path, learning to love yourself more fully by honouring your inner Goddess and shining your own light. Empowering the Divine Feminine energy that is so Key to the rebalancing of the World at this time. This group is about balance and Unity some of the events will be for women only but others events will be open to both men and women - for all people who want a safe, loving, respectful and empowering space to heal and grow in.

Katy is a channel, healer, light Worker and shamanic space holder.

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A Free Webinar on Womb Wisdom for Manifestation


Healthy energy flow within the home can be described as being as essential as healthy flow within the chakras of the body.


“The womb is the entrance hall of life. It is the beginning of every earth journey. It is in this sacred space that women can hear the secrets of the Universe, whispered by their ancestral mothers. The womb holds the scriptures of our paths and is the warm centre of our creational power.”

Kahreela Anhara is honoured to be holding space for a free webinar to assist those called in harnessing the Sacred Feminine Cycle for Manifestation.

This is a Red Tent Soul-Landscaping pilgrimage to the divine temple of your womb. Through guided meditation, we will journey together to listen to the parts of ourselves that are waiting to be heard. This is a webinar of becoming more intimate with the magic of our inner-creational system.

This is a process of energising and refreshing our cycle with Temple Rights and journeying through the infusion of the Cycle-sessions-spiral to the Womb. Arriving in the space of the womb, infused with the seasons, we will connect to the very beginning as the womb is the space where all of life begins.

In intimate connection to this primal energy of creation, the guides will teach - through inner experience - the equation for love, light, matter, and mystery. This manifesting equation is one of many creational womb magics that are being awakened within the Divine Feminine at this time of Great Change.

This year, the wheel of time is turning towards the manifestation of the New Earth. It is harnessing the power of the beginning of creation that is inside of us and which is of great service to our life, path, and all.

As a journey of sisterhood, together we will remember, we will honour, and we will illuminate our wombs.

This webinar is about reclaiming the lost wisdom of the Goddess to bless our lives with more of what we want.

And, it is gifted to freely with so much love,
Starlight Temple


Magic Month of February - Free Energy Forecast for the Month Ahead

February's free Magic Month webinar is going to be special!


Sign up before the Live time to automatically receive the Replay
Magic Month is packed with Astrological, Luna, Seasonal, Ancient, Ceremonial and Channeled insights!

I will explain how to use the forecast events and energies to evolve your path, heal yourself and bless your life.
Also included are Activations, Tantra Transmissions, Meditations, and Alchemy Healing - depending on what my Guides chose to share in the show.
Magic is always in the timing, this forecast gifts you with the insight, wisdom, and guidance you need to be in time with the Dance of Universe!

See you at the next show Stargazers x

Here is the link to sign up (everyone will get sent the replay so if you cannot watch live please do sign up for the replay)

Held in Bliss: A Prayer Ceremony for the 02/02/2022 Portal

The 02/02/22 portal is a New Moon, Imbolc and the start of the Chinese year of the Tiger! IT IS ALL ABOUT NEW BEGINNINGS!
It is also the FINALE to our year of Held in Prayer 2021.

So let us begin with Bliss! These ceremonies are profound opportunities for Way-Showers, Space-Holders, Frequency-Keepers, Light and Earth Workers to recharge their path-gifts.


The Guides will be using this incredible Prayer Portal for Lightwork and Collective Consciousness Ascension Healing.


By holding each other in rainbow prayer rapture and calling for miracles to bless the Earth and our lives and charge the ancient and new dreams with peace celebration and balance!

This ceremony is one of holding Bliss as Peace, as Celebration, as Prayer in the heart of humankind and for the heart of the New Earth in the Golden Age of Aquaria to assist Spirit in activating the miracle body of GAIA.

"Let your prayers touch the Earth and reach the sky as you hold bliss which is the feeling of believing in miracles!"

This ceremony will include:
Opening Ceremony
Heart Sings Open and space holder offering
Rapture Rites Temple Ceremony journey
Listening to Quan Yin
Breathing the New Earth -Miracle Body Activation Meditation
Collective Manifestion transmission
Closing Ceremony

This Ceremony is Overlighted by Quan Yin and supported by the Rainbow Grandmothers, The Presti, and the Star Councils of the Light.

This Ceremony is by donation, you can donate whatever is right in your heart after the Ceremony.

Please note for the ceremony to run we need all prayer slots filled.
You can book more than one prayer slot and please invite people - especially those in other time zones.
If we don’t fill the slots then we will have to do a shorter ceremony - which may affect the number of transmission ceremonies that can be done.

More about Held in Prayer

Those called will be following the ancient practice of holding each other in prayer. This is a non-religious prayer, it is an ancient temple tradition of holding each other in loving thoughts.

Holding each other in prayer is how we come into Oneness… it creates an amazingly soft protective and beautiful energy around those who share the ceremony. Being in the state of one-ness allows for each person to open up beyond their limitations - into the miracle field! When held in this ceremony - the medicine of the human-KIND - heart means healing goes deeper and manifesting is super-charged.

These ceremonies are profound opportunities for Way-showers, Space-holders, Frequency-Keepers, Light and Earth workers to recharge their path-gifts.

The Guides will be using this incredible Prayer Portal for Lightwork and Collective Consciousness Ascension Healing.


All of the Ceremonies include Channeled Healing, Lost Temple Ceremony rites, Singing Kirtan Celebration and Lightwork Transmissions and Spirit Blessings.

Held in Prayer is one of many lost Temple Ceremonies, during the Held in Prayer transmissions
Kahreela will channeling other Lost Temple Ceremony Rites, Transmissions and Journeys to bring us into greater wholeness:

The Lost Temple Ceremonies are channeled Rites and Guidance about the former Golden Age ceremonies that we can receive and reclaim for this new age. Held in prayer is one of many Lost Temple Ceremonies, the return of which feels so important to our personal wholeness and to the birthing of the New Temple Golden Age on Gaia. These Ceremonies will be channeled as Journeys, Rites and Ceremonies, which you can perform for yourself or your Tribe as transmissions.

“The Lost Temple Ceremonies belong to the Light Legacy Foundation of the Age of Aquaria.
In receiving them you will be restoring, repairing and reactivating the wisdoms and ways that will allow for the birth of a new Temple time on Gaia”

The Lemuria Aquaria Lineage Guides

May you be held
May you be loved
May you be Beloved ones
May you live in the peace of the One-Heart
May you melt into the limitlessness of yourself
May you know the dance of the Starlings
And live the immunity of unity
May you remember the way of miracles
As your heart sings open
Within the one-song
May your prayer be in two-way flow
As cover each other in infinite blessings
May the kindness of your hearts
Meet in the temple of ones-ness
May you be gentle
May you be free
Maybe you return to Innocence
As you reclaim the Temple Ways
May your prayer be your BLISS
For all
Because we are all one
May you be held
May you be loved
May you be Beloved ones

We hope many will join! Please share with friends!

Thank you, love and ascension from
The Starlight Temple x

Live Q&A: Creating through the Feminine Cycle


Kahreela Anhara is delighted to be holding a live Question and Answer session with Spirit on the subject of Creating through your Feminine Cycle.


This is an evening for ALL who identify as women are ready to harness the creational power they hold within their feminine energy.

Together we will be sitting in a wisdom circle with the Priestesses of the Rose, the Priestesses of the Lumeria-Aquaria lineages, the Rainbow Grandmothers, and many Goddesses.

This session will predominantly be led by your questions. The guidance, the meditations, and the Activations will come in response to the questions so that each of you can experience the circling force of creation that is within your cycle - whether you bleed or not.

The Q&A will also include teachings on the Amrita, and an Activation of the magic of the Maiden energy of your cycle.

For those that are called to this, it will assist you in becoming more open to the possibilities and potential of your life path and falling more deeply into self-love with the way that you are creating your dreams.

This Q&A is FREE only to those who listen live.

It is gifted to you with much love from us,
Starlight Temple

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