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Quan els Gophers van a la platja, ho fan a Barcelona ;) Aquest és un grup per aprendre i compartir sobre Golang (http://golang.org/) i els seus usos.

Cuando los Gophers van a la playa, lo hacen en Barcelona ;) Éste es un grupo para aprender y compartir sobre Golang (http://golang.org/) y sus usos.

When Gophers go to beach, they go to Barcelona ;) This is a group to learn and share about Golang (http://golang.org/) and its usages.

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GolangBCN February meetup

Carrer de Folgueroles, 17

Fellow gophers, Here we go with the second meetup of the year. The February meetup is powered by Scopely, thanks to Alberto Fernández. About: "Scopely is a leading interactive entertainment and mobile games company. We create and publish a diverse portfolio of immersive experiences, based on original and beloved franchises, for casual and core gamers around the world." There will be two talks: "Learning by looking at others code: a practical exercise in code reading " by Alberto Fernández @albertofem In this talk we will explain a few techniques to quickly understand and make sense of an unknown code base, a skill that all of us use in our day to day work. We will use a couple of disparate open-source projects written in Golang: Kubernetes and Ethereum, walk through their code bases and introduce small changes. In the process we will also look at some of Golang’s interesting patterns. "A Go code obfuscator from scratch" by Daniel Martí @mvdan_ Code obfuscation is a controversial topic, but it can be useful in some cases. How would you write one for Go? Let's design one from scratch, going over all the technical challenges together.

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GolangBCN January meetup

Avinguda Diagonal, 211

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