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The GIG #2 : Gathering of International Gophers

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You came all the way for the dotGo conference and happen to be in Paris on sunday 5th evening ? Feel like meeting the local crowd and other fellow gophers from around the world ? Then join the GIG : gathering of international gophers !

We're inviting gophers to meet and interact directly in an inclusive, non elitist, informal manner, through a series of lightning talks, followed by a time for chats, laughs, demos and non generic thinking :>

What's up

We are calling dotGo attendees and local gophers to pick go-related topics they are fond of and that they would like to present in english to a little audience.

Here are the first proposals we have received :

• Mainflux ( an IoT framework by Drasko Draskovic (

• Dynaroutes ( a plugin-driven reverse proxy by Piero di Salvia (

• "Memories of a gopher": a 2 cents story by David Le Corfec (

• A different take at writing Go code with JetBrains' Go IDE
by Florin Pățan (

• Performance monitoring by Thomas Solignac (

• Cgo: When & (Usually) When Not to Use it by Karl Matthias (

• An overview of SSA form by Olivier Cano (

• maybe:) by A (tbc)

Topics are quite open: you could present a go project you worked on, a go project you've studied, tell a story related to go, focus on a new feature in Go 1.9, compare some features with other languages, or something else you think would be of interest : just get in touch via the meetup or shoot an email at

The place

We wanted to pick a location that matches the values of open knowledge and open source and it happens such a place exists in the center of Paris : La Paillasse have agreed to host our gathering once again !

La Paillasse ( is an open shared space where sciences meet hacking. They propose several workshops in a DIYbio spirit, where technology is used as a way to introduce the science behind it. They are also a meeting point for members of groups like IA*Lab or (

Mindset & expectations

Membership to this meetup group is not mandatory but it will help you keep in touch with the latest news.

We'd like this event to be participatory, collaborative and creative : let us know about your comments, proposals and crazy ideas. See you on sunday 5th !

The Golang Paris interest group

226 rue Saint Denis 75002 Paris · Paris
3 spots left