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GIG #3 : bring the cool back in the cloud

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GIG #3 : bring the cool back in the cloud


Howdy gopher,

Going to dotGo conf and feeling like meeting other gophers from around the world? Then join us for our 3rd Gathering of International Gophers!

We're inviting gophers to meet and interact in an inclusive, non elitist, informal manner through a series of lightning talks (5-10 mins), followed by time for chilling out, demos & non generic thinking :>

Good news : La Base, the new hub for social and ecological action who just launched in march, have agreed to host this event :
Thank you ☀ ☀ !

This thursday is the last day for their crowdfunding campaign. If you want to help them defend environmental issues, now is the time :

Lightning talk proposals

Reducing complexity and resources by leveraving Gomobile
Ivan Daniluk ➤

An overview of go and serverless : a more energy efficient solution for on-demand workloads ?
by Tobias Schwab ➤

Benchmarking and profiling Go programs
by Gustav Westling ➤

Test Ethereum Smart-Contracts with Go: Tell JavaScript Goodbye
by Olena Stoliarova ➤

Reducing computation time by months by rewriting Bash scripts in Go
by Pedro J. Ortiz ➤

Writing GCloud functions in Go to store scores into Firestore for your favorite game
by Philippe Martin ➤

Lessons learned after 2 yrs of teaching Go to students
by Frédéric Marand ➤

Mocking with Go: standard methods and alternatives
Piero De Salvia ➤

Adding context to existing Go code
by Alexey Palazhchenko ➤

Reanimator: more sleep time for your containerised apps thanks to criugenics traefiking
by Fred Ménez ➤

Check out previous editions:

Don't worry if you feel shy or lacking experience : this time is an occasion to start discussing things *together* rather than staring passively at someone.

Also in light of global climate change, it would be interesting to pay attention to this topic and try addressing it 💡
We're all aware the climate is gone "funny" and everyone should reflect on our habits. In our sector, cloud software, instead of optimising just for performance we could also question how much our code and infrastructure consume energy and how it affects weather, and thus come up with other optimisation goals.

Some suggestions if you feel like playing the game:

* How can we easily measure energy consumption ?
* How does it vary in function of HW, SW ?
* What are good practices in development & infrastructure ?
* Anything we could do at Go programming language level ?
* Look at TinyGo & ARM cpu to run code on microcontrollers
* How FLOSS software can ease this goal ?
* Could the open RISC-V architecture be an experimentation playground ?
* Reviewing opensource projects focusing on energy consumption reduction.

If you'd like to dig further:

If you're up for presenting a go-related topic in english, get in touch at:

Please RSVP here if you want to join us.

Fan of twitter ? Retweet us :

See you at the Base !

Golang Paris interest group
La base
31 Rue Bichat · Paris
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