Golang Warsaw #20 (autumn) [ENG]


Golang Warsaw #20 [ENG], Join us! :)

We focus on everyday Golang development. Sharing experience is especially important, because we are a small community in compare to py or Java.

Looking for talks on, e.g., things you learnt hard way working with Golang, pointers vs references, channels, your favorite framework, your opensource project, resilience, best practices for distributed systems. Software engineering topics are also welcome. I would love to hear about Event-Sourcing and DDD.

Recommendation: please provide a code example as well, it might be just few source files or a simplified runnable project. We want to encourage the community to go through your talk again, work with the code, and learn more on theirs own. What is there for you? Fame, github stars, FB/LI likes, and feedback.


1. Golang Do and Don'ts - Oleg Kovalov - 20 min

2. Stanisław Arsoba - The Raft Consensus Algorithm for Golang Devs - 25 min

3. Due to a sickness, we have 20 min for another presentation. Otherwise, Wojciech Barczynski will talk about how to prepare your service for running in k8s.

Thanks to our sponsors, beer, and snacks provided.


1. Golang Do and Don'ts, Oleg Kovalov

Advices based on my daily work and experience gained in an Opensource project.

2. The Raft Consensus Algorithm, Stanisław Arsoba

The talk is about consensus algorithms. Mostly we will talk about The Raft Consensus Algorithm. But also I'll talk about the general meaning of consensus, different ways of getting consensus. I'll go through the history of consensus algorithms. I'll review "The Raft Consensus Algorithm" and its application. The talk contains enough technical information to start using The Raft Consensus Algorithm. And I'll show the demo of the simple distributed key-value store. The talk is a good starting point of understanding consensus algorithms.






A 4 hours Golang Workshop for New Members - Saturday November 10, 2018, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM CET, free of charge and free of "we-are-hiring":

Questions: Wojciech Barczyński - [masked]

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