Golang Warsaw #23 (late winter) [ENG]

Golang Warsaw
Golang Warsaw
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Our goal is to share our software-development experience on any level from junior to senior. It is your stage. You can always start with 10 min talk. Let me know, whether we can support you.


We start at 18:15.

1. Reflection Dark Arts - Rafał Jęczalik - 30 min

2. Wojciech Barczynski - Monitoring your app with Prometheus - 20 min

3. Your talk - Your name - 20 min

4. Getting know each other - 20 min

Thanks to our sponsors - SMACC/Hypatos and ___ , we support you with beer and snacks.


1. SMACC/Hypatos.ai - https://smacc.io / https://hypatos.ai
2. ___ (looking for 1 sponsor)


🔥LI: https://linkedin.com/company/golang-warsaw-meetup 🔥
🔥Previous talks: https://github.com/golangpoland/meetup_golang_warsaw
▪ Twitter: https://twitter.com/golangwarsaw1
▪ Slack: #poland gophers.slack.com
▪ Discord: #golang devpolska.org
▪ FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1278049882223829/

Our goals is to share our software-development experience on any level of our career development from junior to senior. It is your stage. We also want to be a community-driven meetup, no sales pitches and no we-are-hiring everywhere. So far, we are lucky to have sponsors who supports this vision.

The more source code the better in your talk :) It might be just few source files or --- the best --- a simple runnable project. We seek to encourage the community to go through your talk again, work with the code, and learn more on their own. We do not mind live demos :).

Share your slides and code. What is there for you? Fame, github stars, FB/LI likes, and feedback.


Soon to be announced - workshop on Kubernetes and getting started with Golang.

We want to have a carrot not a stick, aka black lists, for the ones who do not come :D. My personal goal is 65 avg per meetup. So far: 40-55.

Send me an email if you are interested in helping me to do one of these workshops.


Questions? Wojciech Barczyński - [masked] / [masked]

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