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Golang meetup

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Anthony A. and Adeshina
Golang meetup


Let's share notes about how we build for scale with Go.
Some topics of the topics planned include:

1 - "Concurrency in Go" (by Anthony Alaribe).
—> About Anthony Alaribe (
Senior Backend Engineer, currently working at DeliveryHero in Berlin, Germany. His team ships beautifully-designed, high-performant and well-tested back-end applications and API microservices with Golang that power the DeliveryHero supply-chain infrastructure.

2- Essential Tools for a Go Developer (Kofo Okesola).
—> About Kofo Okesola (
Systems Developer, currently working at Brankas.

3- Designing and Implementing Logger in your Go application (Adeshina Hassan).
—> About Adeshina Hassan (
Backend Engineer, currently working as part of the Payment Application and Business Automation unit at Sterling Bank of Nigeria plc. His team started adopting Golang as a part is their main stacks for its maintainability, scalability and other fascinating benefits.

4- Go with Graph Database (by Ebikekeme Ere).
—> About Ebikekeme Ere: He is the Chief Executive Officer at
EreSoft Ltd.

5- "Exploration of the "String" Package Design and its Usage" (by Olumide Ogundele).
—> About Olumide Ogundele ( Software Engineer at Andela.

6- "Tour around the "Bcrypt" Package Design and its Usage in Go"
(by Endy Apinageri).
—> About Endy Apinageri ( Software Developer at Global Performance Index.

7- "Understanding the "Errors" Package Design and its Usage"
(by Steven Victor).
—> About Steven Victor ( Software Developer at a leading ticketing platform in Nigeria.

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