December Double Header - MS Cognitive Services + Johnny Five


Real-time Face Recognition With Microsoft Cognitive Services

Presenter: Jernej Kavka (JK) (@jernej_kavka)

This session is all about face recognition in practice!

I will cover what it means to use Microsoft Cognitive Services in real-time, why offline detection libraries are essential and why you should use infrared and depth cameras like Kinect and Intel RealSense in your applications.

Bring Javascript Alive

Presenter: Mark Valenzia (@mark_valenzia)

Javascript is everywhere, and with a little electronics knowledge, we can bring this alive with the Johnny Five Robotics library.

This talk is an introduction to the Johnny Five Robotics library which allows Javascript developers to explore the exciting world of IoT.

I'll take you through the basics of what you need to get started and demostrate some of the fun things we can do with sensors, LEDs and how we can interact with the real world.