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Mental Health... Bit of a buzz word... although when it goes... you know it.... Life sux, everything seems harder... and this group is about raising the profile of Awareful.com.au (http://www.awareful.com.au), its teachers (https://awareful.com.au) and holding events that will showcase simple and effective (evidence based) tools to help simplify our life.

It's an opportunity to learn some skills we should have been taught at school, to help manage our mental health when our emotions seemingly take control.

The group is aimed at anyone (there is no age limit) who is looking for support or building resilience/tools for future support of their mental health.

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Make Living a Little Simpler (FREE TALK)

Karma Collab Hub

Mindfulness & meditation seems to be leading a revolution in the way we look at our thoughts, and how we associate these thoughts with the world that is within us and around us. We practice for a wide range of reasons, with new research released daily showing its impact in alleviating stress and anxiety, manage pain, and sleeplessness among many others. However, it isn’t limited to sufferers of this nature. People who are in good health use mindfulness to enhance their happiness and health, kindle their creativity, build their resilience, and improve how they communicate with others. Mindfulness feeds your courage and your curiosity, making you more willing to try new things or fresh approaches without the overblown fear of failure looming over you. Over the 1 hour workshop entitled ‘What is Mindfulness? Why bother?’ we will be covering: > What is mindfulness & meditation? > Mindfulness or meditation is not a fad, its backed by some of the worlds leading neuro/quantum physics scientists which we will discuss. > Why is mindfulness having its moment in the spotlight? What I have learnt from teaching and speaking to over 4500 practitioners iin the last 5 years > I will also openly discuss how and why mindfulness and meditation has and continues too change my life. > You will even try a bit of mindfulness meditation sat in your chair. Honestly everyone can do it. > Time for questions and answers Who should attend the event? Absolutely anyone interested in finding out more about Mindfulness, meditation and the benefits of it. Your Speaker? Dan is an accredited Mindfulness/Meditation teacher, Psychotherapist and Tibetan Buddhist of Kagyu and Nyingma lineage, who works throughout The UK, Europe and shortly on the Gold Coast, Australia. He has had the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of incredible teachers over the 11+ years he has been practising, from both Secular and Non-Secular backgrounds. He uses some of the incredible teachings he has learned from some incredibly gifted people on the inner workings of the mind, as well as evidence based practises of Western Mindfulness, Human Givens and Emotional Intelligence to help bring a more rounded Mental Health experience. Cost? FREE, although please confirm your seat through eventbrite Location? Karma Collab Hub, 47 Lemana Lane, Miami, Gold Coast Recent Testimonials: "Dan was extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter and other related matters. Dan is very personable and makes you feel you can ask any question to him or in a group without feeling embarrassed. The information was delivered by Dan in a clear and concise manner and definitely from the heart. I cannot think of any weaknesses - Dan is a great teacher!!" Amanda "Dan made it the most beautiful peaceful and with a lovely bit of humour and cannot praise Dan enough; everyone needs a Dan in their life. It has changed my way of thinking and now enjoy meditating every day" Avril "The talk tonight was amazing, thank you so much Daniel Ireland. My friends and I felt so positive and upbeat when we left and we are all really excited to go out and learn more about this practice. The talk was the perfect balance of being genuine and heartfelt yet backed up with fact and science. My friends and I all loved it. I can't wait to start the 5 week mindfulness course next week. Thanks again." Sophie "Thank you so much for your amazing talk" Sally "Thank you so much for your time yesterday, I found the talk so informative and have taken a lot away. We all had the best night’s sleep we’ve had in ages!" Jennifer "I was going to thank you for such a wonderful talk last night. Not only was it so honest and inspiring but refreshing to hear you be open about your struggles and how you’ve overcome these…." Vida "I just wanted to email you to say that I was just blown away by your talk last night. Just the most amazing energy. Thank you." Marie

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