DeFi vs CeFi Cryptocurrency: A Programmers Perspective by Joe Homnick, CPA

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There is an interesting competition and interaction between decentralized finance (DeFi) and centralized finance (CeFi) currently occurring in the cryptocurrency industry. There is also a hybrid environment called CeDeFi.

In this session we will look at, from a software developer perspective, how CeFi and DeFi are similar and different. DeFi and CeFi share similarities in the sense that they both involve the same financial services and promote the adoption of decentralized ledger technologies (DLTs). However, several significant differences split DeFi and CeFi into two different worlds. We will drill into how both CeFi and DeFi are implemented differently regarding Decentralized Apps (DAPP), Controllability, Risk and Profitability.

We will also be looking at how some of the publicly posted DAPP code is structured.

The last 10 months of GCUG in-person and remote meetings have been a safe and resounding success, so we will keep up this format for this meeting. The in-person portion will be limited to 20 attendees in an outdoor Boca/Delray location that allows for social distancing. Safely prepared and packaged food and libations will be provided. Contact [masked] if you would like to join the limited in-person portion of meeting.

**This session is not in any way giving financial advice, investing entails risk and is the sole responsibility of the investor**