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We have all watched over the last number of years how real estate in the Bay Area has gone to the moon if not the stars! Now though, the market seems to be slowing; houses are taking longer to sell and price reductions are becoming common. By comparison, from May 29th to August 8th, we've seen gold rise more than 17% from $1,275 to almost $1,500 in just 5 weeks! Could this be a sign that these markets may be changing and if they are, how can investors profit from this change? Could this be the start of a huge bull market that takes precious metals prices up beyond all-time record prices and could you be one of those who got in early?

The purpose of this group will be to have an open forum to discuss the future of real estate ownership in the Bay Area and how owning gold, silver or other precious metals can diversify your investments and increase your wealth and reduce your risk. We will also discuss how investors can gain the highest profits and how ownership of one asset can help with the ownership of another. For some, investing in precious metals may be a means of accumulating the down payment to purchase a home.

As a retired real estate broker with more than 30 years of experience and a precious metals investor who started buying gold in 2002 at $349/oz., I will be sharing my experience with all who are interested and will benefit from the shared ideas others can bring to the meetings. If you are interested in the profits that can come with owning precious metals whether it be in physical form or in stocks and ETF's (Electronically Traded Funds) this group is for you!

We all look forward to meeting you!


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