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Welcome to Golden Gals ladies! We are so happy you chose to consider joining our wonderful group of women ranging in ages from 50 to 70+. I'm so sorry, but age really is a prerequisite.

Why start another meet up for women of our age you may be asking!!! Well although we have one thing in common....we are all women, we have different needs, interests, social aspirations, time schedules from work, family and/or other types of involvement and also type of friends we can relate to. Life happens and things change for us and although we cannot promise to meet all of those needs, we promise to try our very best to offer you unconditional friendships. Some of us have been friends for a while but we would not be offering this group if we were not looking to make other friends and broaden our interests. Our goal is to offer diverse events such as movies, meals at various restaurants, monthly birthday celebrations, Happy Hours (and no you do not have to drink) various fun games such as Bunco, Mexican Train, Tripoli, Hand and Foot, Farkel, Golf, Kings In The Corner.....and we can always add some more. We can do book clubs, crafts, indoor/and/or outdoor miniature golf, bowling and the openness to add more outings such as walks, hikes, plays, craft shows, market days, boating on Canyon Lake (on occasion) ,wine tasting… We welcome any and all ideas and suggestions. Weekend events… ABSOLUTELY! We will have Christmas and holiday celebrations and fun little gift exchanges when appropriate. Women love to receive and give gifts…right!

This group belongs to all of us as members and one person cannot host or plan events alone. We need and covet help from those who are talented, energetic and are blessed with hospitality traits. Another words, please consider being a host once you feel comfortable with welcoming new friends to your home or hosting at an appropriate venue. However, it is NOT a requirement. We recognize that hosting is not for everyone. Please be responsible and respectful of those who do host and if you respond to attend an event, do all in your power to keep that commitment.

We take our group seriously. Being part of a community such as Golden Gals takes responsibility, commitment and respect for one another and the group as a whole. We strongly ask that you do not engage in foul language, gossip, discussions in religion, politics or any type of conversation that is subject to cause controversy or be harmful to another member while attending one of our events. Should you decide to join and are accepted into Golden Gals, we are confident you will form some amazing friendships and have an absolute fun filled experience doing so… Welcome again!

Now for the part everybody loves:


Because I believe everything in life needs some type of guidance and direction, I am setting these in place to give us just that in this group. By joining Golden Gals (otherwise referred to as GG), you are agreeing to these rules and guidelines.

Treat each other as you would expect to be treated yourself; with kindness, patience and understanding of one another's needs and sometimes, limitations. Ladies love to talk but let's keep our conversations positive, uplifting and without malice towards anyone. Let's give others the chance to join in the conversation without monopolizing it ourselves. Gossip and drama should not be part of a mature and intelligent woman's character. As one member so eliquently put it, it is ok to have "opposing opinions"! We realize that we cannot advocate or promise a "drama free" group but let's do our best to not be the cause or engage in any.

Membership is based on a 30 day free trial. We want you to feel comfortable with GG and to make sure that it is a perfect fit. After that, we charge a $10 annual membership fee payable to Meetup through Stripe or you can pay the organizer directly. This fee is to help cover the cost for the right to use the Meetup site as well as any additional expenses for the group.

As our group grows and we get more gals to host, we will add many more events. There is no set rule on the amount of events you will be expected to attend. Everyone has varying schedules and so just join us if and when your time allows. Like anything, you will get out of it what you put into it. The first step is always the hardest to take but once you do, I can almost guarantee you will want to join in again and again. It takes time to make friends and feel comfortable, so the more often you come, the better you will feel about others and the group as a whole.

This is a ladies group only so no men will be allowed unless the event specifies that it is mixed company. The same applies for children. We love our kids, grandkids and yours as well but this again is a ladies only group.

When space allowes and is specified on the event, each member can bring 1-2 guests. Each guest is limited to two events which will allow her to get to know us. After that, she will need to decide if GG is a good fit for her and must join. Each quest must be female and within the group age range of 50 and above.

Most of our events will be held in the North Central, Northeast, Stone Oak areas of San Antonio. You do not have to live in these areas to be a member of our group…that is up to you. On occasion, events may be held in Bulverde, Spring Branch, Downtown, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake (boating), Fredericksburg or Boerne areas as well. If a theater play or event is planned that involves tickets, each member will be responsible to purchase their own tickets. Golden Gals WILL NOT purchase tickets for the members.

We request that you honor each and every response to the events that you choose to attend. Our hosts take time and effort to plan and coordinate the event and it is simply disrespectful to not honor that by being a no-show, canceling at the last minute or repeatedly signing up for an event and then canceling. It is also unfair to any member that may be on a waitlist and misses out on an opportunity to attend because of a no-show. Placing yourself on the waitlist is the same as responding yes to attend if you should bump up. If your plans have changed, then please remove yourself from the waitlist so other members have the chance to attend. When making reservations at restaurants and a table or seating is set aside for a certain amount and half of the people do not show, that is not only embarrassing to the host but it is inconsiderate to the restaurant and we may not be allowed to go there again. An accumulation of three or more no-shows in a year from your initial start date will be subject to removal in the group. Repeated cancellations in less than 24 hours in advance "without an explanation" and after given a "reminder" will be considered the same as a no-show on our attendance records. If a cancellation within 24 hours of the start of the event is necessary, please notify the event host or organizer by telephone or private message so a better understanding of cancellation is given and not counted as a “no show”! A comment posted on event is also a considerate gesture to other members attending. We absolutely understand that things happen in life and circumstances can cause a change in our response or the ability to give advance notice. EACH SITUATION WILL BE CONSIDERED SEPERATELY IF GIVEN EXPLANATION. Most women are respectful in honoring their responses so this is simply a reminder to those that may not be.

In order to host an event, you must be a paid member. If as a host, your event requires out of the ordinary or additional expenses, it is at the discretion of the organizer as to whether compensation can be made.

Networking of any kind will not be allowed at our events.. We ask that you do not do any advertising of your business on the Meetup or Facebook pages. If you do, you will be asked to delete the post or it will be deleted. We also ask that you do not advertise or share on our pages any other Meetup group or social organization. Doing so privately is your own perogative. Revision or exception to this rule may be subject to change in the future and based on time of membership in regard to events.

As our group grows and progresses, changes/alterations may be made to these guidelines.

Golden Gals is not about control or being so strict that we can't make exceptions. We want each and every member to enjoy themselves in the hopes of expanding friendships and enjoying the quality of life we were given.

It saddens me that I even have to post this but please read info on link if you have any questions or concerns regarding attendance to events during this COVID crisis.


By accepting membership in Golden Gals, you agree to abide by these rules and guidelines.

I hope that each of you is as excited as I am to have you go forward in this new venture.

Submitted in love… Carole

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