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“The Heaven and Earth do not show mercy (by taking preference), they see all things pure and holy; the saints do not show mercy (by taking preference), they regard all people pure and holy”

- Laozi

In Source I shuttle between the two worlds

In Love I see the beauty of all God’s creations

In Peace I understand all living beings and the universe

In Detachment I experience freedom

In Gentleness I show strength

In Gratitude I offer my service to God’s will

In Service I fulfill the mission for reunion with my

Soul Mate in heaven

- X.H. New Wisdom

When all hopes for a benevolent leader can bring change to our life diminish, we have no other choices if we want to live a decent life with true freedom but believe in ourselves.

This is a community for those who wish to practice laying down all physical identities in duality mind state to come together and talk about and act on initiatives and solutions to issues threatening or troubling from our daily life to our collective survival and well being on earth and to restore the harmonious relationships between all life as they were originally created. Courage, Determination and Transformation!

To reduce travel, car emission and gasoline consumption, we will meet twice each year at a place in a public library or cafe or a park in the DMV area and bi-weekly through conference calls on Skype.

This forum will serve two purposes:

- a self-appointed advisory board to governments worldwide. When enough consensus is reached, we may send written advises to our brothers and sisters who are in decision making positions.

- a consultation place for those who are engaged in or wish to be engaged in running offices at local communities, city and state governments, educational institutions


This is the extended place for the Golden Phoenix Forum at LWUM, an entity that is dedicated itself for the facilitation of the massive soul awakening process and forging a Bridge between the elected governments and the New Earth grassroots movement for Green Living and Green Governance.

Many ancient scriptures and Timeless Wisdom tell that the two eternal forces are in play in the universe bound by the same Eternal Source, the God Force. The human society running for thousands of years in the spiral of two forces of governing and being governed, which experienced devastating struggles and left the body of human beings deep wounds throughout the history.

'person', 'human' in Chinese Writing, one of the ancient languages in the world, which contain much Divine meanings from the Creation, was written in a manner neither on top of each other, nor parallel each other, but to support either other:


We believe, in our human society, the two forces of governing and being governed can also be reshaped to a healthy form of supporting each other, not on top of each other because every living beings were born from the same Source Energy, God Force, and to do away all the old forms of struggles, to live a peaceful, harmonious and happy life; all members of the human society must abide by the same Creation principles - Unconditional love, Abudance of Life forms (diversified forms, not large quanltity in narrow forms), freedom and equality. And the key to achieve that is to find the middle ground.

Benefits to become a member of the forum

- receive free guided meditation at gatherings and online forums

- receive free style Taichi training at gatherings

- grow your leadership with visionary faculty and counseling capacity

- train to form a habit of forward, creative thinking grounded with nature

- train to think and solve issues from different prospects with compassion

- we hope each member of this forum in the end will be transformed into an advocater for his/her cause


About the membership fee:

- 888 reflects and symbolizes our mission and urge to fulfill our journey to Eternity.

- We intend to build this forum a self-sufficient movement, to take on specific initiatives on actions

- At gathering events, we intend all participants to bring their own-prepared healthy food to share and get paid for the food. One of the experiments for self-sufficiency for this forum.

- We may have chances to invite some serving and former government heads, officials to attend our exciting forums, including president Obama, Senator Sanders, Mr. Ron Paul, etc.

Please visit http://learnwithuniversalmind.com/the-golden-phoenix-forum/ for the guidelines that the forum is set. This forum would like to reach out to all people on the globe.

Mind Well, Fly High and Feel Free!



Love and Peace!

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