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Come and join us for Yoga and powerful Sound meditation at House of Oneness – Rose 1 apartment, Bur Dubai. Follow the events page that will be posted every week. It is open to all individuals alike, and no pre-requisites required. Each one will participate at their individual level. RSVP to book a space on 050 7649086. I will be using singing bowls, Gong and other instruments to create this sound immersion. Gong and sound meditation effortlessly, puts a person in a restive mode. The sound vibrations emitted by gongs send signals to each cell of our body, that are interpreted at the biological, energetic and emotional levels, directing the cells to develop in a homeostatic manner. Sound Meditation is the answer to many issues such as stress, depression, anxiety disorders, hurt in relationships, health issues. Using a combination of guided meditation and the healing gong sounds will help to heal the resting nervous system, as well as helping to tackle life on a day- to- day basis by relieving tension and quieting the mind. While people will feel deeply relaxed during the class, some people will also find it helps them to relax outside of the session, sleep better and deal with stress more easily. Gong Baths bring an intense sense of well-being and re-stabilize the balance of energies.

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