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Get upside down every morning and learn how to do the hanstand at AM Fitness, Terenure (LIMITED SPOTS)!

This works in 4 week cycles.

We have three different levels to fit all needs.

During each cycle, we cover:

- Fear. Get you over the fear of the handstands by working on the natural survival mechanisms around it and studying various safe exits/bails.
- Conditioning & strength. The relevant joints have to be conditioned for you to practice handstands, and the overall level of strength has to be on point. The good part is: it does not have to be boring, and we have many fun ways to work on these.
- Alignment. We don’t like bananas, and we will give you the required tools to bring awareness in your body and not become a banana when you are upside down.
- Consistency. Luck is a myth. Education and application of perfect principles is where success is found.
- Mobility. We will pinpoint any mobility restrictions holding you back and show you how to improve on it.
- Kicking up. We will see various ways to enter into a HS and find out what is the one that suits you best.
- Rebalancing, or how to hold your handstand once your feet are up in the air.

Places are genuinely limited so booking online is advised. These morning classes will be teached by Vincent.

We are also happy to answer any queries.

Contact us at vincent@amfitness.ie

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