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Wir laden regelmäßig zu Veranstaltungen bei uns im Office oder anderen Locations im Rhein-Main-Gebiet mit Vorträgen und Austausch rund um Themen der Google Cloud (G Suite, Google Cloud Plattform & alle zugehörigen Technologien) ein. Die Teilnahme ist meist kostenfrei möglich (ausgenommen Schulungen), um Anmeldung wird gebeten. Weitere Informationen gibt es in unserer Infothek (https://infos.seibert-media.net/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=45353795).

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Webinar: Intelligent Data Automation for Enterprise

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Modern organizations need insights that are extracted from real-time data and are delivered to the right people at the right time. SnapLogic is an easy-to-use, unified, data and application integration platform that delivers business insights fast. Access, integrate and automate your data, no matter where it sits within the business.

SnapLogic and Google have partnered via the Works with BigQuery Program to develop a native solution which provides users the ability to easily connect applications and data sources to Google BigQuery, without any coding, while also adopting a modern architecture for Extract, Load, and Transform (ELT).

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As of today Rich Dill is Enterprise Solutions Architect & Partner Team Lead at SnapLogic. He has a history of success with industry leaders including IBM, Ascential and Sybase. Rich approaches technology with the mind of a scientist, the heart of an explorer and the soul of an artist. He’s a welcomed speaker in many locations of the globe, sharing his insights about data & automation on large scales with his audience.

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Building real-time data products on Google Cloud with DataCater

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