Google Cloud Krakow - Practical AI & Machine Learning

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This event is all about real-life examples of Machine Learning. Very little theory - loads of tips, lessons learned and practical information.

17:30 - 17:45 Intro

18:00 - dr Michał Grega - "Image recognition - from idea to product"
Image recognition using deep neural networks is a hot topic. Thanks to user-friendly libraries it’s easy to build an image classifier in just a few lines of code. But the road from the idea to the production-ready system is bumpy. During this presentation I will show the path from an idea to a solution. Our team has developed software for firearm and knife detection in the CCTV systems.

18:45 - Marcin Kołda, Jarosław Drabek - "Ok bot, lets chat! - Building conversational interfaces with Dialogflow"
“In this talk we will discuss challenges during building conversational interfaces and how Dialogflow can solve some of them. During live demo we will build a new chatbot from scratch”

19:30 - 20:30 Unconference & Networking
20:30 - Closing meetup

Snacks & drinks provided!