• Google Cloud Krakow - Practical AI & Machine Learning

    Ocado - High5ive ul. Pawia 9

    This event is all about real-life examples of Machine Learning. Very little theory - loads of tips, lessons learned and practical information. Agenda: 17:30 - 17:45 Intro 18:00 - dr Michał Grega - "Image recognition - from idea to product" Image recognition using deep neural networks is a hot topic. Thanks to user-friendly libraries it’s easy to build an image classifier in just a few lines of code. But the road from the idea to the production-ready system is bumpy. During this presentation I will show the path from an idea to a solution. Our team has developed software for firearm and knife detection in the CCTV systems. 18:45 - Marcin Kołda, Jarosław Drabek - "Ok bot, lets chat! - Building conversational interfaces with Dialogflow" “In this talk we will discuss challenges during building conversational interfaces and how Dialogflow can solve some of them. During live demo we will build a new chatbot from scratch” 19:30 - 20:30 Unconference & Networking 20:30 - Closing meetup Snacks & drinks provided!

  • Next '18 Extended Krakow

    Ocado - High5ive ul. Pawia 9

    What are Next ‘18 Extended events? Next Extended brings together developer communities around the world to take part in the Next ‘18 experience, either during the conference or even after! Next Extended allows local developers to access exciting Next ‘18 content and engage with the community through local speakers, activities, and hands-on labs. Agenda 17:30 - 17:45 Intro 18:00 “BigQuery - Perfect Companion for Data Lake in GCP” - Tomasz's Stradomski talk 18:45 “Machine Learning with Ease: How Ocado is Building Smart Systems with the Help of GCP” - by Przemek Pastuszka 19:30 Refresher 19:45 - 21:00 Hands-on excercise with Qwiklabs (Every attende will receive temporary credits for Qwiklabs; just bring your own laptop!) 19:45 - 20:30 #AMA session - Ask Me Anything with some GCP practitioners from Ocado 20:30 Networking 21:30 Closing meetup Snacks & drinks will be available during all sessions