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GDG stands for Google Developers Groups and is a platform offered by Google Developers to support community-run developer groups.

We are software developers, designers, educators and students with an interest in learning about emergent technologies in areas including mobile, web, wearables, cloud-native computing, education technology, data sciences and smart homes.

GDG Capital Region events will be a mixture of tech talks/demos that explore, for example, concepts and best practices, and hands-on hacking sessions that involve coding and collaboration. We also host flagship 'Extended' and 'DevFest' events. Please consider following us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/gdgCapRegion).

To multiply the impact, we partner with leaders in the local and regional business and technical communities, as well as Google Developers.

Our talks may feature Google-developed technology but will also extend to other technologies, products and platforms as well. Focus is on collaborative communities and exciting technology that our developers can get their hands dirty with.

The overall primary goals of GDG Capital Region are to create networking, collaboration and entrepreneurial connections for technology enthusiasts in Albany, Troy, Saratoga, Schenectady and the entire Capital Region. If this fits, come check us out.

GDG Capital Region is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation. To learn more about the GDG program, please visit: https://developers.google.com/groups

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Absolutely FREE Cloud Study Jam - Machine Learning - Hands-on Labs - Join us!

Hello Capital Region GDG enthusiasts, Join our community of like-minded developers and explore the latest Google Cloud technologies as a team. Get Cloud Study Jam training from Google and get hands-on experience with Machine Learning, a $55+ value, free of charge. Together we'll complete Machine Learning for TensorFlow using Google Cloud Platform. After the Study Jam, you’ll receive 30-days free access to the entire Qwiklabs catalog, so you can keep developing your skills at home. Complete all of the labs in the session’s quest, and you’ll earn an additional free 30-days of access to Qwiklabs as well as a badge for your online profile. **Please Note:** As this event is a hands-on session, attendees must bring your own laptop and charger (PC, Mac or Chromebook)! The labs will run on all of the latest versions of popular browsers. For the best experience, make sure your laptop has Firefox or Chrome installed. You will earn Google Badges and Certificates. **Don’t forget your laptop and charger.** Why join Cloud Study Jam - Machine Learning? - Free access to Qwiklabs.com hands-on labs, a Google training tool, a $55+ value - Earn Google Cloud badges for your online profiles, to show your skills and expertise to potential employers. - No need to register with a credit card. - Free Swags. - Networking opportunities for Students, Professionals and Startup Companies. - Exciting Prizes. **NOTE** codes provided are tied to the event date (December 15) and will ONLY be available to those present at the event. Agenda: 10:00 - 10:30 AM Welcome! Food, Drinks, and Networking 10:30 - 11:00 AM Get free access to Qwiklabs 11:00 - 12:00 PM Lab 1: Machine Learning with TensorFlow 12:00 - 12:45 PM Lab 2: TensorFlow for Poets 12:45 - 2:00 PM Lab 3: Image Classification of Coastline Images Using TensorFlow on AI Platform 2:00 - 2:30 PM Lunch Break & Networking 2:30 - 3:15 PM Lab 4: Predict Housing Prices with Tensorflow and AI Platform 3:15 - 3:45 PM Lab 5: Creating an Object Detection Application Using TensorFlow 3:45 - 4:00 PM Completion Badges & Certificate updates. Celebration and PRIZES announcements. Networking, Meetup wrap-up, closing comments Top 5 reasons to attend a Google Cloud Study Jam - Video https://youtu.be/FvWl7Ftz1uM When: Saturday, November 23,[masked]:00 AM to 3:30 PM Where: Tech Valley Center of Gravity SEFCU Community Room 30 3rd St, Troy, NY Come join us at #TVCOG See you there!

Flutter Interact: Viewing Party - Join us!

242 Union St

Hello Capital Region GDG Flutter enthusiasts, For those of you who RSVP on time to reserve their spot, we will have free coupons for the Flutter bootcamp course online to be distributed to you at our viewing party, the training is offered by Google's Flutter Team. This year Google is hosting a major event, Flutter Interact, on Dec 11, 2019, to announce new features associated with Flutter and other related Google technologies. The event will be hosted in Brooklyn, NY and broadcasted to a global audience. During this meetup, we will be sure to get everyone up to speed on the fundamentals of the language and development environment. After this, we will launch into a few activities to build out an app for Android and IOS. **Feel free to bring your own laptop to follow along with Flutter install.** You can use the following link to install Flutter. https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install Github Repo - Flutter Monthly Meetup Activity and Code Snippets. https://github.com/GDG-CR/flutter Agenda: 5:00 - 5:30 Food, Drinks, and Networking 5:30 - 5:45 Opening Remarks, Meetup announcements 5:45 - 6:30 Watch Flutter Interact Talk Recording 6:30 - 7:30 Codelab - Dartpad Playthings Activity 7:30 – 8:00 Meetup wrap-up, closing comments, and Networking **Why join Flutter Interact - Viewing Party?** - Free coupons for the Flutter bootcamp course online. - Free Swags. - Networking opportunities for Students, Professionals and Startup Companies. When: Tuesday, December 17,[masked]:00 PM to 8:00 PM Where: Jahnel Group 242 Union St · Schenectady, NY Come join us at Jahnel Group See you there! ================== Environment setup: The event will be hands-on, so make sure to bring your laptop and set up your environment in advance and be ready to code. Feel free to bring your own laptop to follow along with Flutter installed https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install . For the Flutter Codelab, please do the following: You need two pieces of software to complete this lab: the Flutter SDK, and an editor. This codelab assumes Android Studio/Visual Studio Code, but you can use your preferred editor. You can run this Codelab using any of the following devices: - A physical device ( Android https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install/macos#+set-up-your-android-device or iOS https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install/macos#deploy-to-ios-devices ) connected to your computer and set to developer mode. - The iOS simulator https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install/macos#+set-up-the-ios-simulator (Requires installing XCode tools.) -The Android emulator https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install/macos#+set-up-the-android-emulator (Requires setup in Android Studio.) For the App Engine Codelab, please sign up for a Google Cloud Platform https://cloud.google.com/free/ free account, and have a browser and editor ready to go. For the Actions Codelab, please sign up for a Google Cloud Platform https://cloud.google.com/free/ free account, and have a browser ready to go. See you all there! ================== What we are about: Google Developer Group of the Capital Region - Flutter Group. This group is for mobile developers interested in Flutter, Google’s new mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Whether you are just starting a new Flutter project, or an experienced developer looking to discuss advanced topics, you are welcome to join our group and share your ideas with us!


Pasta Pane

Please join the Capital Region GDG as we celebrate the many accomplishments of 2019. 2019 has been a big year for us and we want to take some time out to reflect and for socializing with our great community members. We will have a quaint and comfortable reserved room at Pasta Pane in Clifton Park for this event. We will provide a very nice meal and drinks sponsored by Google (Thanks Google!). Details about the exact menu will be announce, but you won't be disappointed. Remember to let us know of any dietary restrictions; please only do this if STRICLY needed for personal or health reasons. Hope to see you there! We will announce the menu leading up to the event, but you'll enjoy, we are sure of it! Space is limited, so RSVP ASAP. :) Best regards, GDG Capital Region

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